What is InternMart?

InternMart is a company created by students, for students, that helps high schoolers find suitable internship positions that fit their skills and interests. The company strives to offer a solution to help satisfy the widespread demand for quality internships among high school students. With a constantly expanding database of internship opportunities, we supply youth with a multitude of options that fit many interests and skill-sets. InternMart cultivates high school students academically and professionally by connecting them to real-world experiences near them.

Why Choose InternMart for Students?

InternMart connects passionate students with hands-on opportunities at a variety of companies in their areas of interest. But why is an internship important for high school students?

  • Add to your tool belt – Internships are a great opportunity to practice skills taught in the classroom. Regardless of the field, day-to-day internship tasks help distinguish real world applications of concepts taught at school. In addition, internships offer a platform to gain a variety of professional skills, such as organization, time management, and public speaking.
  • Set yourself apart – Internships add a unique element to your resume and college applications. By taking the initiative to intern, you demonstrate a proactive attitude towards your future and passion for your field of choice. In addition, it demonstrates readiness to pursue college level degree programs.
  • Build your network – Internships offer a step towards building your network with professionals in your field of interest. Such contacts are important when exploring options in the future, seeking recommendation letters, and finding mentors
  • Immerse yourself – Internships provide situations to explore career interests in real life situations. Students often have the opportunity to attend panel discussions, career furthering events, networking socials, and much more. In addition, intern projects help apply classroom concepts into tangible outcomes used to provide usable solutions.
  • Explore your passion – Internships offer a platform to explore and understand various professional fields and areas. Refine your area of interest and future goals, while conducting meaningful projects.

Why Choose InternMart for Companies?

  • Productivity – Increase productivity by employing high school talents to execute every day tasks. From developing marketing resources to creating websites, InternMart’s interns can help further your business.
  • Team Engagement – A fresh face with new ideas will help increase team participation and engagement. Interns offer a dynamic perspective and innovative solutions.
  • Community Outreach – Offer today’s youth with an opportunity to explore their passions and gain valuable skills. Give back to your community from the comfort of your workplace.


Details of the Program

InternMart simplifies and personalizes the internship finding process for high school students. Specifically, we offer a database with an extensive list of opportunities catering to various skill sets, capabilities, and interests. These internships are primarily located in the Bay Area within small and large companies and organizations. Students are able to filter opportunities based on their specific needs and interests.

Please note that the primary motivation for this program is not financial, but is instead to create a SUSTAINABLE institution focused on enabling a meaningful internship experience for as many promising high school students as possible. We are starting small, with the first program based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but our goals are global.

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