About Us


InternMart is a company created by students, for students, that helps high schoolers find suitable internship positions that fit their skills and interests. The company strives to offer a solution to help satisfy the widespread demand for quality internships among high school students. With a constantly expanding database of internship opportunities, we supply youth with a multitude of options relating to a variety of interests and skill-sets. InternMart cultivates high school students academically and professionally by connecting them to real-world experiences near them.

Our Story

In the summer of 2014, two students – Shruteek Mairal, a 7th Grader at Horner Junior High School, and his brother Risheek, a freshman at Irvington High School – were searching for opportunities that could help them excel in their fields of interest, by giving them experience, building their network, and adding a valuable element to their resumes. Specifically, these brothers were searching for internship positions. However, as they soon realized, finding such opportunities was extremely difficult without preexisting connections. Searching online for internships led them to a variety of databases, which contained opportunities such as jobs and college internship positions. However, internships for middle or high school students were few and far between, making it harder to find positions in their area, and the databases often had outdated information. Because of these factors, not to mention the brothers’ lack of guidance, they were unable to find suitable internships. However, instead of taking this as a simple loss, Shruteek and Risheek Mairal instead became motivated to find a way to help other students succeed in their place – namely, by offering them positions and guiding them through the process. The brothers wanted this to be like an open market of internship opportunities for the students. After much deliberation, they eventually decided to found a company – InternMart.