Our Team

InternMart prides itself on being created by students, for students. Our team originates from various educational institutions across the Bay Area, so we have an inside perspective of the high school struggle to find meaningful positions without assistance or connections.

Sonia Salunke

Sonia Salunke is a current Sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley. At InternMart, she serves as the Chief Executive Officer at InternMart and actively manages team, operations, and overall business functions to help further InternMart’s mission. As a high school student, Sonia consistently sought after unique opportunities, such as non-profit organizations and business ventures, in order to explore her interests in an application-based manner. Through InternMart, she hopes to make such options available to students pursuing their passions and interests via meaningful internships. She received her high school diploma in 3 years and graduated with academic honors and accomplishments in business, STEM, and visual arts competitions. In college, Sonia is planning to double major in Business Administration and Public Health. In the past she has been involved in multiple non-profit projects contributing to the well-being of children, both in her community through the Boys and Girls Club, and oversees at orphanages in India. She is very passionate about the youth and contributing to various factors of their foundation, so that they may have a brighter future.


Aniket Mandalik

Aniket Mandalik is currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley. At InternMart, he serves as a Database/Technical Lead at InternMart and actively updates and improves the InternMart website and database to help further InternMart’s mission. As one who had a lot of trouble finding an internship during his high school years, he appreciates the difficulty and seeks to make it easier for those to come, while learning valuable lessons on the way. He is also interested in App Development and Data Science and has pursued these interests through going to hackathons and personal projects outside. Aniket is also involved in Blockchain@Berkeley, where he has researched Bitcoin Volatility and helped develop a Blockchain Casino called BlockJack. He also dedicates time towards stock market research and trading strategies. In his free time, Aniket enjoys playing Historical and Business Simulation games and spouting random facts to unsuspecting friends.


Nikhil Agarwal

Nikhil Aggarwal is a current Junior at Pinewood High school in Los Altos. At InternMart, he serves as a database developer and is actively working on creating and maintaining the company’s database, helping it become a more efficient company. Because Nikhil has found it difficult to find and obtain internships, he has become involved in Internmart’s mission to make the process more efficient for students like himself, as well as to improve his coding skills. Nikhil is highly interested in computer science and has pursued these interests by taking courses in computer science and data science fields. He was also a part of the Vision Processing team in the FRC and was involved with many personal projects. In the future, he seeks to become a software engineer. Nikhil also dedicates time towards many volunteering opportunities, and is currently playing a role in the Akshaya Patra foundation, where he helps organize and participate in events to raise money for poor people in India. In his free time, Nikhil enjoys playing tennis and basketball.


Khushi Shah

Bio in-progress.

Shruteek Mairal

Shruteek Mairal is currently a Junior at Irvington High School in Fremont. At InternMart, he works as Co-Founder and Program Coordinator by recruiting members, designing developmental plans, and gathering the team to help further InternMart’s mission. Shruteek knows from experience how beneficial internships can be for students, as well as how difficult it is to obtain high school internships without inside connections. Because of this, he seeks to provide other students with positions that could make a positive impact on their futures, inspiring the next generation of industry leaders at an early age. Shruteek is interested in Engineering and Biotechnology, and has pursued these interests through several internships. These fields also compelled him to participate in the Alameda County Science & Engineering Fair for 2016-2017, winning a 1st place prize in his category for his team project on Bioprinters and antibacterial resistance. Shruteek also works with a bioprinting company called SE3D, where he acts as a Student Ambassador for bringing bioprinting to Irvington High School. He also works on research projects in various fields. In his free time, Shruteek enjoys playing with his Maltese/Poodle puppy, Smoodle.


Shiv Mulchandani

Shiv Mulchandani is currently a Junior at Irvington High School in Fremont. At InternMart, he serves as a content creator, where he actively inputs data and adds to the database to help improve the services InternMart offers. As a high school student, Shiv is very interested in the business and developmental aspect of upcoming ventures and is excited to be a part of a promising opportunity he can relate to. In addition, he hopes to make a valuable service open to a wider range of high school students through this service. Outside of school, Shiv is interested in finance, tennis, and business, all interests which Shiv has pursued through finance competitions, FBLA, and national tennis tournaments. Shiv has obtained a national ranking in tennis through his competitive play and continues to do so. In his free time, Shiv enjoys travelling and playing tennis.




Jay Kudva

Jay Kudva is a current Junior attending Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose. At InternMart, he serves as a Position Creator, actively reaching out to comapanies and institutions to help further InternMart’s mission. As someone who wants to help out his fellow peers, Jay joined InternMart to help other high school students find the perfect internship for their needs. He is interested in a wide range of topics, from coding to public speaking, and has pursued these interests through joining various clubs and founding a company with his friends. Jay Kudva has won 2 tournaments for Parliamentary Debate and has won awards at two major hackathons. He also dedicates time towards traveling and vlogging. In his free time, Jay enjoys making videos with his friends and adventuring through the unknown.

Sreyes Venkatesh

Bio in-progress.