MT2020+ BEFAST Challenge
World Stroke Thrombectomy Day
This Challenge is a way to encourage people to utilize dance to teach back the signs of stroke using the mnemonic BEFAST: Balance, Eye, Facial Droop, Arm Weakness, Slurred Speech, and Time to Call.
Key Take aways

How do I Participate?
1. Accept the challenge. Each person that does the BEFAST Challenge nominates at least 3 other people or a group to join them. If you are nominated, you have no more than 24 hours to post your video.

2. Take a video of you or your group dancing! Teaching back the signs of a stroke using the BEFAST mnemonic.

Upload your video to social media!

  • Upload your video using the hashtag #BEFASTchallenge

In your video include:

  • A statement stating you are accepting this challenge
  • State who you are nominating And a mention about the amount you are donating to MT2020
  • Add caption and state BEFAST Sign as you dance!
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