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InternMart was initially founded by two Bay Area high schoolers who were looking for a platform that would help them launch their career. We provide focused holistic career discovery services to help students work towards being a better version of themselves. Our mission is to address the widening gap between skills needed and in class training imparted, by connecting high school students to real-world professional experiences. We are committed to provide opportunities that power individual career discovery- we offer personalized career consulting to help you build a plan for high school & beyond. We help students upskill with courses tailored to the future of work. We also connect students to exclusive local internships in the vertical of their choice.
InternMart is one-stop destination for career needs. We prepare students for the future of work, where they will need key skills like analytical thinking, communication, technical expertise, & personal branding. InternMart helps students position themselves for success in the career of their dreams.To get started, create an account & take the Career Map Test and Interest Mapper tests. to discover careers based on your interests & personalities.
Although some would say it’s never too early to start career planning, high school actually is the perfect time to explore your interests & start developing skills for your dream career. The early bird gets the worm- prepare now to get the best opportunities. Start by takinge our Career Test to find the careers that align with your skillset.
Building self-knowledge about your soft and hard skills will help you determine what work environment and career work best for you. Someone who is social and enterprising may work optimally in a collaborative & challenging company that is constantly innovating. Someone who is more curious and analytical may prefer a research position. Aligning your interests with your career makes the learning process more easy and enjoyable.
If you are sure about your career path, use internships as a way tounderstand the day-to-day operations and workflow of your chosen industry, while also getting work experience. Or, try out different internships to experience different fields and discover where your interests lie. It gives you real insights and the right experience of the career that you’re about to begin with. It is a great time to know what an actual job feels like. This will help you make an informed decision about your career.Internships allow you to learn a unique combination of technical and professional skills that you cannot find anywhere else. Many professional skills like negotiation techniques, problem-solving, sales & marketing skills, and building a professional network are best learnt on the job.
Absolutely. Just sign up and start by completing your profile on InternMart. That's it. Take the test, and we'll do the math - to help you figure out your personality traits and how they relate to the careers you can explore and pursue.
It takes approximately 15 mins. It includes an introductory section, questions about interests, a Job Zone section, a Score Report, and a Career List.
Career Map test helps you to identify natural interests and aptitude to explore related career paths. It will help you understand
  • What are your natural strengths?
  • What sort of activities and subjects do you find interesting?
  • What style of work environment will you fit in?
  • What skills are important in your ideal career?
The Career Map Test is interesting, easy to score, and beneficial for self-analysis. With the accurate self-scoring results format, the test also provides interesting information for those trying to decide upon a career choice.

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