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Career Selection is a long and complicated process.
Choosing a career is one of those momentous decisions that can change the course of your life. Such an important decision deserves considerable time and ... introspection. Ample information and self-examination can help you choose a satisfying career that you will enjoy for years to come.
However, finding your perfect career won’t happen overnight, and it may take time to find the right trajectory for you. You might even be thinking, “How do I know what the right career is?”
Luckily, we are here to help!
If you’re feeling stuck, unsure, or confused, a skill-based career assessment test can help you choose a career.
The primary goal of career assessment is to help you know yourself – your strengths, weaknesses, aptitude, perception, passion, interests, and ambitions - which should be taken into account while selecting a career.
Moreover, a career assessment test will link your skills with suitable careers and provide you with in-depth knowledge about various career options available.
Accurate Free Online Career Test
Choosing the right career may not be easy but career counseling platforms like InternMart are trying to provide valuable guidance to high school students so they can have a better future. The platform promises to make counseling a comfortable and interactive experience to help students make good progress in their career paths.
An exclusive career discovery platform, InternMart has designed a free online career test to help high school students discover and identify their natural strengths and correlate the same with various career occupations to gain better visibility and focus. Prepare for the same starting from high school to explore and choose the best suitable career options through quizzes, upskilling courses, and real-world experiences through specially curated internships for high school students.
What is assessed in our free career test?
Simply put, career assessment is the evaluation of an individual's attributes like skills and expertise, interests, motivations, values, and personality traits for helping them to find a suitable career. It is a test of measurement of an individual's potential to play a critical role in a particular job position.
InternMart’s Career Map test comprises 60 basic questions related to multiple jobs that you encounter in your surroundings. You have to answer each of these by expressing how you feel about these jobs by choosing one option on the Likert’s scale (Strongly Dislike, Dislike, Unsure, Like, Strongly Like), and voila! We shall identify your most dominant personality traits and provide you with a list of varied careers that are a good fit for you.
How does the career test help in discovering the best path?
The better you understand your motivations throughout your career, the better you spot a job that satisfies you.
A career assessment test helps you identify careers that are conducive to your growth so that you can strategically reach your goal.
Knowing your strengths gives you a confident approach towards your dream and on the other hand, knowing your weaknesses helps you avoid or reduce them strategically so that you have the least resistance in achieving your goals. And a career test helps you identify both - your strengths and your weaknesses.
How can a career test help?
When you are not sure of what type of job you want or what you want to do next with your career, a career aptitude test can help you narrow down your job choices and choose a career path that is compatible with your interests, skills, values, and personality.
The results produced by these tests assist candidates in discovering new career opportunities and exploring careers in line with their talents and goals.
Career assessment tests have proven useful in getting individuals to consider previously undiscovered career options, increase satisfaction and confidence in career plans, and increase self-understanding.
Why are online career tests an urgent need?
Online assessments are well-received across different domains including corporate HR teams, higher education, and K-12 schools. In recent times, there has been a staggering increase in the demand for psychometric, aptitude, coding, and other domain-based skill assessments. This surge could be attributed to several factors, including a rising number of competitive exams and certification tests, an ever-increasing demand for employability skills, and the growing affinity for such assessments in various organizations.
Moreover, gone are times when every other student aimed to become a doctor or an engineer or pursue a degree that would help them enter the IT sector. Outgrowing these trends, Generation Z is keen on pursuing unique and unconventional careers, ones that meet their interests better.
Need a free career test to find the best career match?
If you're looking for a free career test, look no further. InternMart's scientifically designed Career Assessment Test is available for free to help you find your best career match.
Whether you’re in high school, pursuing higher education, in the early career stages of your career, diverting to a new career path, or just looking for answers, we’re here to help you discover where you’ll find happiness in the world of work.
There's no preparation required, and you can take the test from anywhere - on your phone, at your desk, or on a commute.

Explore Career Assessment Test


Interest Mapper to figure out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work.


Career Mapper to help you decide the kinds of career occupations you might want to pursue.

Career assessment is an evaluation process where the candidate is educated about their core strengths and related career opportunities that may be best suited and how to prepare for them.

InternMart offers “Career Map” test free to all registered users which help them in finding the dominating traits in their personality and help them explore multiple career opportunities in detail to make informed career choices.

InternMart’sCareer Map test helps you in

1. Identifying your dominant traits (interest code) in personality

2. Explore matching career occupations with your interest code in details

Career Map test end results offers you matching career occupations in detail (what you would do, knowledge required, abilities required, tools required, skills required, personality required along with job outlook and institutes offering the course to pursue the occupation etc.  

Career assessments helps you discover yourself in detail and focus on the relevant and suitable career opportunities only.     

This is the first step to discover your core strengths. The more you know about your strengths and weaknesses, the better. So, you must go for career assessment on regular intervals (at-least yearly) to understand what your expectations are; and what is needed to achieve the same.

Any student who wants to enter a professional career must take a career assessment.

Career assessment test will have 60 basic questions related to multiple jobs that you encounter in your surroundings. You have to answer (as you feel about these jobs)  by showing your perception about these jobs by choosing one option on a Likert’s scale (Strongly Dislike, Dislike, Unsure, Like, Strongly Like) and you are done.

No, you need not prepare/practice for career assessment tests. Career assessment result is best when it is impromptu and answered honestly by the student.

Career assessments help you discover yourself in detail and focus on the relevant and suitable career opportunities only.     

Career assessment is an evaluation process where the candidate is educated about their core strengths and related career opportunities that may be best suited and how to prepare for them.

Skill assessment is done to understand the level of knowledge and concepts of a particular skill set in a candidate.

Skill assessment helps you identify your grip on the skill set. If you are not well prepared, go for upskilling courses that will help you fine-tune your concepts and knowledge and do an internship in the same field.

“ The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. ”

Joseph Campbell