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The best way to find out is to take Career Map Test to find your profile interests and explore the available matching career opportunities to choose at-least three to explore in detail. From analyzing the available options, you can easily identify the skills/tools required to pursue the chosen career path. Then you can go ahead to learn the skills through courses.

Standard course duration is 20-30 hours. Some may last in the range of 10-30-hours per course based on multiple courses on different difficulty levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).

Bachelor’s degree programs range in 3-6 years of duration, Postgraduate degree programs 1 year of duration , and master’s degree programs range in 1-6 years of duration.

Each professional course has its own pre-requisites. Some may require having a certain level of degrees or preparation.

You can grow professionally by adjusting understanding and adjusting into the work culture, follow strong business ethics and give your best performance each time.

A professional training is referred to as continuously developing new skills, staying updated with current and future trends, and implementing current skills and knowledge after entering the workforce.

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