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5 in-demand skills to learn now and excel in the future workforce

  • May 24, 2021

Years before the world came to a pause, in 2020, there was an even more imminent threat circling the professional world. If you guessed, “the lack of skills.” You hit the right nail. Yes, skills shortage across career paths is a thing. And yes, formal knowledge-based learning does have a shelf-life today.

Of course, in recent years, unlimited access to the world of knowledge at the fingertips has opened the floodgates for new opportunities. But then again, there are these technological advancements, where the job market is changing drastically. Leaving knowledge-based education to be tweaked evermore to make it relevant in today's time. So, here's how skills will support the business transition in the wake of technological advancements and covid-19.

Investing in skills: A must for excelling in the careers of tomorrow

Covid-19 supercharged the need to think with digital-first ideology and to re-invest in the skills needed to survive this great potential shift in the future of work. The essential truth is - we are in the middle of another speedup. As the work continues to evolve, so will the skills to perform those work activities. Investing in learning a skill - is indeed on top of the mind for every student, employee, employer right to the CEOs in the path towards a better tomorrow. Even though there has been a rise in technological skills since the early 2000s, the pace is predicted to accelerate - both for technological and soft skills in the years to come.

Reimagining the role of skills

In research conducted by SHRM in 2019, 83% of the respondents in the US have had trouble finding the right talent in the past year. And 75% of those who have faced difficulty in recruiting believe there is a skill shortage among their applicants. 

Some proficiency is often missing than others in the applicants. Mainly the applicants lack these top 3 technical - Trade, Data Analysis, Engineering/Medical. Whereas the top 3 missing soft skills were - communication, the ability to deal with complexity, critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, and creativity. 

However, another significant research by McKinsey (2018) suggested that the time spent using advanced technological skills will increase by 50% in the US alone. Also, the need for emotional and social skills is likely to surge along with the basic prerequisite for everyone to at least develop the aptitude or be digitally savvy for the new age of automation.

5 Rewarding in-demand skills that will shape the future of work

If there’s one common thing that is crisis-proof both for humans and machines is – constant learning to evolve. And thanks to the coronavirus speeding up things a little more than needed. We now have the technological advancements at our disposal about 10 years too early. Making skill-based learning a necessity. Until, in a distant hostel, the next 'Mark Zuckerberg' invents an altogether different ecosystem that requires yet another set of unique experiences. You still have time to acquire certain skills and gain expertise in those areas. 

  1.     Analytical thinking and Innovation

As a student, we are taught to think differently, think outside the box. As we grow older, we realize it is the most essential - skill to develop throughout one's career. Even LinkedIn confirmed that creativity is the most important soft skill in the future of work. As the work activities will continue to become mundane and process-driven, it is imperative to sharpen your analytical thinking and be innovative.

  1.     Active learning and learning strategies

In a work environment that is constantly changing, one needs to be quick-witted to adapt or rather adopt as per the evolving needs. Not only this but aiming to grow and become better with each challenge will be an asset.

  1.     Complex problem solving

There's only so much that a robot can do. As Machine Learning and AI continue to process and generate data at an unmatched pace, humans will continue to make strategic decisions. In fact, as per the report by the World Economic Forum, one out of three jobs require complex problem-solving along with the ability to think critically.

  1.     Leadership and Social influence

With Gen Z entering the transitioning workforce, it is mandatory to prepare the digital-savvy leaders of tomorrow - today. Therefore, enhancing prowess in areas such as decision-making, public speaking, delegating, communication - both virtual and real, as well as managing tasks at hand will enable them to future-proof their career interest in the years to come.

  1.     Technology design and programming

There is no future without technology. Hence, in a digital-first culture, having a solid foundation of technical in addition to interpersonal skills is an advantage.

How high school students can prepare for the new age of automation

As you prepare for what's next, in the 'future of work' - remember to invest in the trending skills of tomorrow. 

  • Learn from courses that will help you accomplish your goals and will allow you to be great decision-makers. 
  • Learn how to bridge the gap between your career interest and the skill requirements of tomorrow. 
  • Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses today to better understand the capabilities required to outperform the tasks of tomorrow.

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