Skill-Based Learning

7 reasons why skill-based learning is in demand

  • May 28, 2021

How to describe the moment in time that witnessed the stock markets around the world crash during the global financial crisis of 2008. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs and were left stranded with nothing to hold onto. They suffered from a dot com bust, followed by a real estate crisis, then the SARS outburst and a Corona pandemic – all in a time span of two decades. Many argue - Was this problem large? Was this problem valuable? Is this problem worth every second of worry when it is unknown?

Yes, it is. And it always was.

Now, we are hoping to prepare the younger generation for the next unknown. It need not be another unprecedented – that’s yet to come. But it is still worth preparing for. In other words, we are securing the workforce of tomorrow by investing in today.

What is skill-based learning? 

The word 'Skill' in itself means the ability to do something well or to have expertise in that regard. Hence, skill-based learning is built upon the foundation of knowledge-based learning. This further allows the students to enhance their aptitude in that specific area of interest. Where the students can plan, implement and process the information in a practical way.

Rather than spending hours consuming knowledge, the students learn while they work. So, when it comes to mastering a particular niche, the student easily obtains a thorough understanding of the concepts when applied in real-life situations. At the same time, it enables them to produce quality work whenever given a task to perform.

Thus, through constant practice on hands-on learning, the student not only gains the experience but is also able to show the true potential of their skills beyond the classroom.

7 Benefits of skill-based learning 

  •   Enhanced creativity

While learning a new skill or applying it during work, the student is forced to think innovatively. Thus, making them independent thinkers with better problem-solving abilities.

  • Sharpens critical thinking

As opposed to knowledge-based learning, it is slightly more engaging. This method not only helps them to process, analyze, evaluate but also apply certain facts obtained in the process of in-depth research. It is a way to hone analytical and critical thinking at the core of synthesizing knowledge.

  • Enhances collaborative capabilities

Collaboration has been in the top 3 in-demand soft skills for two consecutive years as per LinkedIn. Being a team player is a must, especially in the post-covid era. Knowing how to work in harmony with the team while being virtually connected to co-create amazing work is the way forward. Working in a collaborative environment also sharpens the ability to listen to others, organize, inspire, and attain leadership qualities in the process.

  • Purpose-driven

Here, the student gets to work with a clear objective in mind. The idea here is to definitely make each concept more engaging while also making it equally effective to learn. No matter what the subject area, each program is designed to cater to a particular need. Then there is the efficiency aspect - which also tends to increase over a period of time.

  •  Acquire Experience

Many aspects in this format work surprisingly well - some even better. Like engaging with professionals in their network helps them to define the impact of their career interests. It further motivates them to put their skills to use in the world around them. This enables the students to gain real-life skills and helps to increase self-confidence while working in a team.

  • Caters to a Niche

Students get a chance to work closely and interact with like-minded aspirants from the respective fields. Here, they also learn skills such as creativity, communication, collaboration, among others. Several years ago, finding a niche required a set number of degrees and certificates to be sure. Unlike today when one can explore options across industry verticals in no time. Thus, the entire learning experience is centered around a niche transforming it into a more engaging environment.

  • ROI is high

The Return on Investment (ROI) was essential even before the pandemic. But today, the ROI is much more imperative due to limited resources for many. Now, parents and teachers both want more from the investment. Whether it is in terms of time spent in teaching or the money invested in a child's education. Thus, skill-based learning provides both - high returns along with time flexibility and recovery.


Moreover, while we look back to all the crises that we've been through. There were some that we were prepared for and others that were far-flung from our wildest dreams.

But in the face of the pandemic, many had to pivot. Either in search of a new job or to acquire new skills to land a job. At the same time that many high school students struggled to find the right college and career option. As it is the process of college applications and choosing majors for careers is stressful. This situation made it a little more difficult. In other words, there are newly available roles requiring practical skills learned through online programs. Thus, making skill-based learning a top demand in the future of the workforce.

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7 reasons why skill-based learning is in demand

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