5 Skills You Can Learn From Home

  • Jul 27, 2020


The world is battling a pandemic. Many countries are struggling to provide adequate healthcare and to manage their turbulent economies. In the professional world, it is a tough time for everyone. From individuals to corporations, everyone is uncertain of what to expect in the coming months. The unemployment rate in the U.S swelled from 3.8% in February to a record high of 14.4% in April. The job market is facing an all-time high level of competition. As a high school student or a young graduate, you might be concerned about your future because of these uncertainties.

However, there is a silver lining to this. This virus is changing the job market in unknown ways that may negatively or positively affect each one of us. These changes may require new skills to be in high demand, so you must focus this time on making sure you are as prepared as possible for the post-COVID job market.

Staying at home can get tedious and boring. However, you can make the most of this time and gain unique skills that will set you apart from others. As a student, you can learn many new things from home. Knowing certain skills can make loads of difference when applying for jobs in today’s competitive job market.

Read on to discover the most in demand skills needed in these times:


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies are shifting towards digital media to market their products. People are relying more on technology and because of this, digital marketing is increasingly being used by companies to reach a wider audience. This technique of marketing is also a lot cheaper than off-screen advertising. This skill is useful irrespective of the industry you work in and will be immensely helpful in today’s digital world.


The biggest upside of learning how to program is that it is useful in every sector. Programming is a great skill to learn since the IT sector is expanding at a fast pace. According to Glassdoor, programming and software development are among the Best Jobs In America.

The internship and job opportunities for a developer are consistently growing. The most used programming languages include Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and C++. Take a quiz on them at InternMart.com to understand your proficiency level and upgrade these skills by learning online with us!


For people who love wearing a creative hat, improving your design skills will be a fun way to spend time at home. There are many aspects to designing- Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Fashion Designing, etc. However, one thing is common in all designers, they have an eye for details. Take this quiz here and see how attentive you are to details.

Graphic designers create appealing graphics to accompany the content. Web designers design web pages and make them user-friendly. Fashion designers, as the name suggests, design clothes and apparel. You can learn this by just a simple click when you register and subscribe to courses at InternMart.


More people are consuming online content than ever. It is a great time to learn how to write engaging content. Companies are always in search of good writers. If you are a wordsmith, then you can convert your hobby into a profitable skill. There are tons of work-from-home Internships for High School Students" href="../../search-internships">internships available for content writers. To begin with this, you can take online courses available with us and polish your writing skills.


According to LinkedIn research, communication tops the list of the most in-demand soft skills. We require both written and verbal communication in our everyday life. It plays a big role in the professional world. From entry level jobs to senior positions, this skill is a must. If you struggle with putting forth your thoughts, now is the time to develop this skill. YouTube has many videos on how to improve communication skills, but practicing communication requires experience. While this may act as a simple yet effective start, make sure to further your communication experiences by joining clubs and organizations, engaging in conversations, and using the communication skills you have learned.

Take our Business Writing Quiz and see what you know about formal communication.

There is plenty of time during this lockdown to work on yourself. If you get bored during this time consider upskilling yourself. Learning any of the in-demand skills listed above is a productive way to spend your time. You can begin with learning courses and then get yourself certified to add credibility to your resume.

At InternMart" href="../../">InternMart, you can learn the most trending skills through expert curated courses. Equip yourself with in demand skills and earn certifications. With beginner friendly content, these courses are perfect for high schoolers. Register at InternMart.com today and get a step closer to your dream career.

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