6 Stable Digital Careers after Coronavirus

  • Oct 19, 2020
  • InternMart Team


For most of us, coronavirus has turned our world upside down- changing the way we live and greatly affecting our jobs and careers. Many have lost their jobs, while others have had to adjust to working from home, and there is still uncertainty about when the situation will slow down. Students entering the workforce or deciding on a career path during such a turbulent time should think about choosing a job that not only suits their interests & skills but is a secure career that is in demand even amidst a global pandemic.

If you're currently exploring your career options, we suggest the in-demand, virtual job options below.

1. Freelancing Services

Businesses (and individuals!) are increasingly outsourcing tasks to freelancers who can work short term. In case you were ever uncertain about freelancing, now is the perfect time to start- working remotely due to the coronavirus has only increased this demand. Whether you are a designer, developer, consultant, photographer, or writer, thousands of businesses, especially startups, need your services. Freelancing also has its perks, like flexibility and being able to set your own schedule & control your workload.          

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

 In the coming years, artificial intelligence will create robots and responsive machines to do jobs that are repetitive, redundant, and hazardous for humans. An ongoing debate about this field is whether it will reduce job opportunities, especially in the manufacturing sector. But it’s clear that it will create many jobs for data scientists, AI engineers, and machine learning engineers.                         

3. Data Science & Analysis                                             

According to the International Data Corporation, data is expected to increase from 4.4 trillion to 44 trillion gigabytes from 2013 to 2020. That is a tenfold increase in only 7 years!       

Companies need data scientists to give the data a meaningful context and create predictive models. And data analysts take this a step further by analyzing data to help companies gain insight into market changes, industry trends, and company performance.                                                       

4. Digital Marketing

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many of us have been spending a lot more time with our screens, whether we are taking upskilling courses or trying out recipes for Dalgona coffee. Social media platforms like YouTube and WhatsApp have seen an increase in daily usage by 40%. An influx of people on social media platforms means businesses, both big and small, need to advertise their brand digitally. Social media challenges, email marketing, YouTube ads & sponsorships- businesses use these strategies and many more to reach their customers. Copywriting, social media management, graphic design, and content creation are all creative roles in the digital marketing field.

If you are more of a numbers person, digital marketing is increasingly becoming data-driven- businesses want to make sure their promotion strategies are directly tied to sales & customer growth. Also, companies use their marketing channels to understand what their customers want, so they can create better products. It’s clear that there is something for everyone in this field!

Web and App Development    

Some companies rely on in-house developers as opposed to freelancers. These developers work long-term to grow the company brand and ensure their product or website meets customer needs.    

Web and app development positions were already seeing high demand in the past because so many companies maintain a digital presence, sometimes even exclusively. But due to COVID-19, many businesses have had to change their strategy and go virtual. If you were previously considering this career, you can now be assured that this job isn't going anywhere and there is a significant need for it.

5. Cyber Security

An increase in online shopping and eCommerce means security is needed now more than ever. Companies need people working in cybersecurity to help them safeguard their websites, portals, and apps.

Cybersecurity is needed to protect customers’ private information from online hackers and threats. We regularly input our information, like bank details, addresses, and phone numbers, into sites- and that calls for cybersecurity.

COVID-19 has created an influx of work-from-home, virtual positions that will likely stick around post-pandemic. Freelancers, data analysts, digital marketers, and experts in AI, ML, and cybersecurity are all seeing an increased market. And traditional and nontraditional computer science roles that were already in demand have only increased due to this pandemic.

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