Mistakes by Teenager's Parents

7 Common Mistakes Made by Parents Regarding Their Teenager's Career

  • Dec 22, 2021

The selection of the perfect career option is crucial for every child since their future largely depends on it. While some students decide their own career path, others take the advice of their teachers or opt for career counseling. But most of the children are guided by their parents who are the ultimate guide of their children. 

It's true that all parents want the best for their children, especially when it comes to their education. However, as the saying goes, to err is human, parents too make mistakes sometimes.


In this article, we share with you the seven most common mistakes parents make when it comes to their teenager’s careers.


  1. Over expectation: It's natural to want your child to aim for big goals and be the best at everything. But that’s not how things work. Setting the bar too high can lead to low self-esteem and confidence later in life. By keeping realistic expectations, you not only build the child's mental strength but also help them learn what they truly love doing. 

There are many examples of parents who often pressurize their son or daughter by comparing them with other students. Instead, parents must acknowledge that the child may not have the necessary skills or aptitudes that are required for a particular course, but at the same time, they might be good at something else.


  1. Overemphasize the Importance of Academics: Parents think that emphasizing the importance of academics will motivate their children to work hard. The problem is that there are many different types of intelligence and the education system only measures some of these.

All parents would agree that social skills, character development, and learning to relax and reflect are also equally important areas of focus. Parents must value and respect their children’s activities and let them indulge. While dance and sport can improve kinaesthetic intelligence, games, and discussions can boost intrapersonal intelligence.


  1. Ignoring Their Children’s Dream: Parents often think that their children are not mature enough to decide about their careers. They may even be scared thinking about what may happen if the children’s decisions do not turn out to be appropriate.  So, parents tend to prioritize what they would prefer their child to become rather than giving importance to their children’s dreams and choices. 

The truth is, micromanaging your children produces similar results to micromanaging employees. It builds resentment, damages relationships, and robs children of valuable learning experiences. You should let the child believe in their dreams and learn from their mistakes.


  1. Limiting Career Options: Many people carry this perception in their minds that if a child has a good academic record, they should become a doctor or an engineer. Limiting your child's career option is the biggest mistake a parent can make in his/her teenage years. 

There are numerous career options that you, as a parent, might not know. The new technological era has resulted in the development of many unconventional jobs that your child may find interesting. Allowing them to explore other options is a wise decision to make. You might be surprised to see that your child can be more successful in unconventional than a doctor or an engineer.


  1. Not Opting for Career Counselling: Another common mistake that parents make is not opting for career counseling services. Career counseling always guides you or shows you the right path based on your unique skills and abilities. They focus on the factors influencing the child's career development, assisting them to know their abilities or values. Career counseling directs you to the proper path and guides you in determining the necessary steps required through the path. One can find countless career counseling services both offline and online. Among others, InternMart provides one of the best career counseling services in the US.  


  1. Thinking What Worked for Them will Work for Their Kids: It’s easy for parents to believe that since their kids are cut from the same cloth as them, a career that worked out well for them will do so for their kids too. Well, this can be limiting advice because each individual is unique and has their own interests. When parents overlay their interests onto their kids, they limit the kid's options and take the control away from them to guide and direct their own lives. 

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I can only imagine the pressure some children face from the expectations placed on them by their parents. Their career paths seem already chosen for them: they will be a doctor, lawyer, or investment banker. Well, no, they will be whatever they want to be.


  1. Prioritizing Income over Interests: Our career choices often prioritize money over our enjoyment of the career. While all parents want their children to be financially set for life, an over-focus on monetary returns can be shortsighted. When we focus our work and careers from a point of interest and capabilities, we work harder and as a result, see more success. 

Thus, you should always take into account the child's interests and passions when thinking about a career path to pursue. Of course, taking money into consideration is a good idea, but it should never outweigh your interests. 



With all the pressures that come with parenting — not to mention balancing that with work, life, and other commitments—it’s understandable why parents may make certain decisions or do things that they think will help their children. I’m hoping, though, that after reading this article you will be able to avoid these common mistakes when it comes to your child’s education.

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