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7 Factors to consider while choosing a Summer Internship

  • Aug 16, 2021

The pandemic has accelerated the need to invest and adopt remote working. It has increased unprecedented manners across organizations worldwide. Evidently, the pandemic has led to a change in demand and supply of the workflow. With the expectations of the working environments being re-defined, many companies began to re-think and embrace virtual internship experiences for students. Today, almost a year after the corona crisis, most companies with a renewed conviction hope to bring some of the most valuable interns with varied online credentials - through a remote "work and learn from home" experience.

Both start-ups and big organizations now have multiple platforms to hire potential candidates with tempting knowledge experience. InternMart is honored to be the go-to platform for assisting students at different stages of career discovery. However, every student has to decide who to be associated with over the course of the summer. Start by picking an internship that'll help you to achieve your goals and determine other career interests.

Although, taking the first step always seems intimidating. You might as well have doubts about whether a particular firm is a right fit to be an intern for. But this dilemma can be resolved to an extent when you begin your search by analyzing the job description. Secondly, you'll further be able to solidify that decision once you narrow down your list to the organizations that you'd want to be a part of and the ones that would be best for your needs.

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7 Factors to Consider while Choosing an Internship:

Is your priority building on the skills that you are good at or learning new skills?

Don’t just apply for an internship because it sounds fancy. The primary objective is to consider all the responsibilities listed in the job description and understand the kind of skills it'll translate into. Think, will these skills be an asset to have on your CV or college application in the long run. If so, how are you going to justify it for future applications in addition to your current interests?

How many hours do you plan to dedicate to the project? 

When you find relevant opportunities to apply for, remember that an internship is no joke. It will push you to step out of your comfort zone. This is why you need to be thoughtful about agreeing to certain kinds of roles that you'll be assigned during the program's duration. An internship should serve as an extension of theoretical learning and not as a separate entity that gives you a burden.

How long will the contract be? And is it a paid or an unpaid internship?

It is always good to know the duration for which you'll be associated with a brand. As it also gives you an idea of the value that you earn in that time frame. In today's online world, some internships do not provide the stipend amount. If you are unsure about the internship being paid or not, it is decent to do so over an email. 

Would you like to make professional connections in that industry?

In this era of digital, you've got to network like there's no tomorrow. You need to figure out while selecting a position - if you'll be working alone or will you get an opportunity to interact with people from various fields. Meet as many people as possible in your term at the company to get future recommendations. Try to engage in discussions and general meet-ups to network effectively.

What can you bring to the table?

Consider an internship program as one of the best learning experiences. Therefore, you must check the company's culture and see how you fit into their bigger picture. And if their vision resonates with you, then surely you'll have a lot more to give back to the company than you'll take away.

How many kinds of apps, tools, or platforms are you familiar with, that is the need of the hour?

If you are looking for an internship that is right for you, don't forget - the employer is also looking for someone who is the right fit for the internship. If you are highly skilled and suitably qualified, then make it a point to communicate it well in the application. In changing working environments, there's a lot more than the obvious required for each position. So, make sure you are aware of the apps, platforms, and likes needed on a regular workflow.

How confident are you in that job profile?

You need to understand the role that is being offered and the responsibilities that come with it. You can also check with other students who have previously worked in that organization or in that job role to get a better sense of what you are getting into. Most importantly, if you can't picture yourself in that role, then it's not for you.

This will help you land a better job profile to intern for and help compare different aspects of enrolling in an internship program. Even though it's hard to find an exact match of your interests, you shouldn't restrict yourself from applying to a close match internship. As there are some interests that you know of while the others you are likely to explore during your internship.

Last but not least, ask yourself – What am I looking for? 

If you are still unsure what you hope to take away from the internship experience, get a free counseling session with us today.

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