Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom: InternMart's Spotlight on Experiential Learning Courses Elevating Indian Student Profiles

In the rapidly evolving landscape of global education, standing still is not an option; it's a setback. As the traditional chalk-and-talk methods of classroom teaching are being increasingly questioned, India, with its over 250 million youth population and dynamic socioeconomic milieu, is at the epicenter of this transformation. 

InternMart is taking the lead, championing experiential learning, and shaping a new educational paradigm that aligns with the demands of the 21st century. The ensuing shifts towards experiential learning are not mere trends; they are necessities in preparing students for a world where adaptability, hands-on skills, and holistic understanding hold the key to success.

Let's delve deeper into how InternMart's visionary approach is recalibrating the academic compass of Indian students, leading them from traditional classrooms to real-world problem-solving arenas.


Experiential Learning – Why Is It Crucial?

Experiential learning combines theoretical knowledge with real-world application. It bridges the gap between academic theories and practical understanding, producing graduates who are not just academically sound but also professionally adept.

Data showcases a compelling 90% retention rate for those immersed in experiential learning, emphasizing its unparalleled ability to cultivate vital soft skills in professional environments. It's likely that this robust approach to education equips students with enhanced critical thinking, amplified problem-solving prowess, and a heightened sense of adaptability, setting them a cut above their conventionally-trained counterparts.


InternMart’s Role in Promoting Experiential Learning

InternMart recognized the potential of experiential learning early on. In recent years, it has curated and spotlighted a variety of courses that provide Indian students with the opportunity to gain valuable industry insights.

According to a survey conducted by InternMart, students who undertook their spotlighted experiential courses felt more confident about their chosen career paths. They claimed that these courses equipped them with a clearer vision and practical skills, which traditional classrooms couldn’t offer.

InternMart's database shows a considerable jump in registrations for experiential courses in the past few years. This signifies a shifting mindset among Indian students and educators, emphasizing the importance of hands-on experience.


Real-world Impact of Experiential Learning on Indian Student Profiles

  • Increased Employability: In a 2022 study by Hong Kong Healthcare Market Research and Consulting Ltd., it was revealed that 90% of employers prioritize hiring graduates with real work experience over those solely with an educational background. This preference stems from the observation that such candidates integrate more fluidly into the workforce and consistently demonstrate enhanced productivity.
  • Skill Diversification: As the trend towards skill-based hiring gains momentum, the World Bank has underscored the significance of a diverse skill set in the contemporary job landscape. This encompasses advanced cognitive abilities like intricate problem-solving, sociobehavioral competencies like teamwork, and a blend of skills indicative of adaptability, including reasoning and self-efficacy.
  • Building Professional Networks: Interacting with industry experts as part of experiential learning offers students invaluable networking prospects, a key element for career advancement. Survey indicates that such networking plays a pivotal role in helping fresh graduates land job positions.


Challenges & The Way Forward

While the benefits are undeniable, experiential learning in India still faces challenges:

  • Infrastructure Limitations: A lack of adequately equipped facilities and industry partnerships can hinder the effective delivery of experiential courses. Increased investment in infrastructure is imperative.
  • Perception Battles: A significant segment of the population still perceives traditional academic pursuits as superior. Changing this mindset requires concerted efforts from educational institutions, policymakers, and career discovery platforms like InternMart.


Conclusion: A Future-Focused Approach

As the global job market becomes more competitive, the need for graduates to be ‘job-ready’ becomes paramount. The Indian educational ecosystem is undergoing a transformation, with experiential learning at its core. InternMart's emphasis on such courses is not just timely but essential, as it seeks to elevate Indian student profiles to meet global standards.

By offering a platform that promotes and facilitates such courses, InternMart is ensuring that Indian students are not just confined to the walls of their classrooms. Instead, they are given a platform to soar, armed with practical knowledge and experience that will set them apart in the professional realm.

Experiential learning is not just an educational approach; it's a movement. And thanks to initiatives like InternMart, Indian students are poised to be at the forefront of this global shift.

Connect to discover how Internmart is revolutionizing the educational journey for Indian students, forging transformative pathways for their future.

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