Career Options for Numbers People

  • Sep 21, 2020


Are you someone who is fond of mathematical expressions and the complexity of numbers? Do you admire the way numbers define our lives or how many functions of our daily lives are dependent on the existence of logic and math? There are several careers that might pique your interest if you answered yes to these questions. In fact, many people depend on careers such as accountants or analysts to assist them with daily tasks and these roles require a strong mathematical background. From the more obvious STEM careers to a number of retail and healthcare careers, there is a large variety of roles that you may be suited for if you have a strong interest in mathematics and problem-solving.

Career options for math lovers:

1.  Economist: The main job description of an economist is to analyze and distribute. To pursue a career in the field, one must be able to perform mathematical analysis of the financial market, look over trade and foreign exchange data, and analyze the distribution of goods and services using a variety of analysis techniques. Many careers in this field require you to receive a master's degree or a PHD.      

2. Actuary: People who usually love problem-solving excel in this field. The role includes calculating the cost of risk by using mathematical expressions. A knowledge of statistics is important as the goal of someone in this career is to help reduce risks or losses that may occur.      

3.  Auditor: There are three types of audits: external audits, internal audits, and internal revenue audits. A firm appoints a person with a strong problem-solving background to audit or review and verify business records.

4. Accountant: if you love commerce this is a great role for you. The business world needs accountants to make sure that companies and organizations pay their taxes on time and keep all financial operations in check. Accounts are maintained until the end of the year by accountants who help come up with strategies and advice for the business to bloom in the future.  

5. Financial analyst: This career has scope for you if you have a strong interest in dealing with and manipulating metrics.  Analysts are accountable for analyzing recent and past financial data. They are also needed to ensure that companies are keeping up with economic and business trends They can work in firms, insurance companies, big industries, and pension and mutual funds companies.

6. Statistician: Are you fascinated by statistics? If so, the career choice of a statistician might be for you. It primarily focuses on analyzing patterns and trends and is useful in any industry.

7. Banker: Banking may seem like quite a lot of work but not for people who like making money. This role deals with studying the economy, shares, stocks, and bonds and advising others on how to effectively do this. A major focus of this career path is to deal with investments for your clients.

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