Career Paths To Pursue If You Have An Artistic View

  • Aug 13, 2020


If you consider yourself a creative individual and believe that you have an artistic eye, there are many careers can suit your interests. Many career roles have recently emerged that desire a specific aptitude for creativity and attention to detail. Read on to discover common career pathways for jobs that fall under this category.      

What Are The Benefits Of Pursuing A Creative Role?

1. The ability to generate and express new ideas is not limited to any industry. Most companies are looking for people to fill creative positions. Therefore, these jobs are not industry limited.

2. There are not many strict rules for creative positions. In many cases, one has the freedom to work from anywhere and during anytime, provided they complete their projects on time.

3. Another benefit of creative career roles is that they allow you to think out of the box. One has to come up with unique and fresh ideas regularly, which is stimulating for many people.

Top 5 Career Roles For Creative People:

 Animators:  Animators create special effects and animations in movies, commercials, video games, etc. This is a great field to be in if you have a passion for creating graphics and digital art. One big advantage of pursuing this career is the absence of rigid schedules. Many Animators work on a freelance basis, but there are several companies that hire this in this field as well, making it a well sought-after career option.

Skills that are most desirable for this field include:

1. Creative vision to produce content as per the client.

2. Ability to stick to deadlines.

3. Attention to detail and adaptability

4. Ability to take feedback and criticisms well

Check out the quiz related to this field on to see how accurately you can pay attention and work with details.

Fashion Designing: Are you a self-proclaimed fashion lover? Do you have a keen eye for the latest fashion trends and love to make design? If so, fashion designing is the ideal career path for you. As a fashion designer, one has to think about clothes and designs that will be a hit among the masses. This includes having knowledge about suitable color palettes, textures, and materials. Some business knowledge is highly recommended for getting started in this field.

Skills that are most desirable for this field include:    

1. Proficiency in designing tools

2. Ability to meet tight deadlines

3. Good communication skills

4. An eye for colors, patterns, and textures in trend

A bachelor's degree in fashion designing is helpful if you are interested in this career field.

UI/UX Designing: For people with an artistic view and a knack for software development, UI/UX Design is a career field that allows you to combine the two. The job of a UI/UX designer is to improve the appeal of a website, mobile application, or software. They work to improve the user's interaction with a product and give across the brand's message effectively while keeping the platform aesthetic.

Skills that are most desirable for this field include:    

1. Ability to work in a team.

2. Adaptability and problem-solving are needed soft-skills.

3. Having a clear view of the company's goals and the target audience.

4. Knowledge of research methodologies and usability testing.

5. Knowledge of design tools such as Figma and Sketch

Graphic Designing: From designing billboards to making logos for companies, graphic designers are in a huge demand. Their job involves sketching and designing graphics for websites, magazines, etc. For people who have a keen sense of typography, colors, and can create eye-catching visuals, graphic design is a great career path to pursue. Many graphic designers work on a freelance basis, but there are several companies that hire this in this field as well, making it a well sought-after career option.

Skills needed for graphic designing include:

1. Adaptability

2. Good communication skills to interact with clients

3. Knowledge of design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

Check out our Adobe Photoshop quiz and sharpen your design skills.

Photographer: The job of a photographer involves capturing a subject in optimal lighting, editing photos, etc. There are different types of photographers such as wildlife photographers, portrait photographers, news cameramen, etc. As a “budding shutterbug”, one has to maintain a portfolio which is a collection of their best work to show to clients.      

Skills that are most desirable for this field include:

1. Good networking skills to seek work (as many photographers are self-employed/freelance)    

2. An eye for detail and creativity

3. Strong communication skills to interact with clients

More important than formal education, photographers need to have proper training to make it big. Checkout out to discover recently posted internships for photographers.

Gone are the days when creativity and art were limited to hobbies. Now, many career paths have developed that can allow you to show your creative side. Explore a range of creative internships on and get the right start to your career.

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