Essential Skills High Schoolers Need to Excel in a Career in Data Science

Essential Skills High Schoolers Need to Excel in a Career in Data Science

In an era dominated by data, data science emerges not just as a rewarding career but as an essential one. Dubbed "The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century" by the Harvard Business Review, its allure is undeniable. The World Economic Forum indicates that an astounding 85% of organizations are diving headfirst into frontier technologies. Even amidst economic unpredictability, an overwhelming 9 out of 10 companies plan to ramp up their investments in data and analytics by 2023. This momentum underscores the surging demand for adept data scientists in the imminent future. 


To succeed in this burgeoning field, high schoolers need to start early. Here’s a data-backed look at the essential skills they should cultivate.

  • Mathematical Acumen: According to LinkedIn, data science jobs require expertise in statistics, linear algebra, calculus, and probability. Recognizing this, high schoolers should invest time in strengthening their math foundations, consider enrolling in advanced classes for supplemental knowledge.
  • Programming Proficiency: As per the Kaggle survey, ~80% of data scientists use Python in their daily tasks. Considering its widespread use and intuitive syntax, high school students should start their journey with Python and engage in practical programming tasks.
  • Data Intuition: Exploratory data analysis (EDA) stands as the pivotal first step in data analysis, underlining the essence of approaching data with an inquisitive mindset. By actively cultivating curiosity and engaging with diverse data sources, high school students can refine and heighten this intuitive understanding, ensuring that EDA is both effective and insightful.
  • Effective Communication: As 79% of leaders prioritize equipping workers with data skills, it underscores the importance for high schoolers to simplify complex data insights. Engaging in speech clubs, writing for school publications, or starting a blog can greatly enhance their ability to communicate effectively in a data-centric world.
  • Problem-Solving Mindset: With 62% of recruiters valuing problem-solving skills, it's crucial for students to engage in systematic thinking. Participating in competitions that blend math and programming can significantly enhance these skills.
  • Continuous Learning:As the World Economic Forum projects a staggering need to reskill over a billion people by 2030, the message for high schoolers is unequivocal: continuous learning is the future. To remain relevant and adaptive, they must embrace a mindset of lifelong education, especially focusing on courses in emerging tech and data science trends.
  • Ethical Consideration: In light of the fact that 73% of consumers express concerns over data privacy, there's a pressing need for educational institutions to respond. High schoolers should prioritize courses on tech ethics to grasp the weight of data handling, AI model biases, and their broader implications for society.


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In summary, the path to data science isn't a linear one. A blend of hard and soft skills, supplemented with continuous learning, will be essential for high schoolers eyeing this promising domain. Given the data-backed importance of these skills, early preparation can set aspirants on a trajectory towards a successful and impactful career in data science.

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