How to start a career in hospitality and tourism

  • Jan 05, 2021
  • InternMart Team

Read on to learn about how to plan an enriching career in Hospitality and Tourism.

The hospitality and tourism industry is an attractive field that requires dedication and a certain set of skills. You should also think about what types of environments you are most comfortable in, and, broadly, what types of experiences you enjoy creating for others. To learn more, check out our Career Map test. It can help you hone in on what working environments you thrive in, and what skills you should develop to enter this field.

There’s no one path for starting a career in hospitality and tourism. However, you should think about doing a 1-2 yearcertification course. Also, earning a bachelor’s degree may open better prospects and job offers for the future. You can also opt for a master’s degree in your area of specialization or a related field of business. Programs of study that you should consider include hospitality management, hotel management, and tourism studies.

Next, here are some paths

1. Entry level jobs:

Entry-level jobs are a good way for you to get started quickly, especially if you have taken a few certification courses or even if you get started straight away after high school.Starting at the entry level will teach you the basics and the fundamentals of service and hospitality. You can focus more on picking up a variety of skills. Your role will  will likely be heavily specialized, and you will need to work your way up the corporate ladder.

2.Management level jobs:

To get a job in a larger establishment and at a higher position, you can do a bachelor's degree program in hospitality management, business management, the culinary arts, or tourism. These degrees will help you learn how to work lead a team at the strategic level. A management level job requires experience in a wide variety of roles within the team—you need to know how the establishment’s processes work.

While it cannot guarantee you an immediate top management role, having a degree will get you assistant management roles or jobs higher than the entrylevel.

Having communication and management skills and, and having the ability to work under pressure are what will set you apart and help you excel in your managerial role.

You may be wondering if there are steps you can take now, in high school, to break into the industry. Here are 5 skills you can build to prepare!

1. Hospitality is an industry where hands-on experience can take you a long way.

In fact, you'll probably learn the most about this industry by actually working in it. Start taking part in planning and managing school events. Join your school’s leadership team, and help put on spirit programs and rallies. Try out an interesting club—take up an officer position and help organize tours, events, and socials.Start small! As you get a hang of managing a team and working with others, you’ll get comfortable with event management.

2.Talk to people

Get comfortable talking to people—in various situations! Make a habit of talking to others, and getting to know them. The hospitality industry is all about talking to and helping others. Also, work on your teamwork and delegating skills. As you're working on a project with your classmates, try putting yourself out there by taking the lead. 

3. Leverage your digital network

As you reach out to more people, start building up your job profile. This includes your resume, Linkedin profile, and a short elevator pitch about what you do. Don’t worry too much about making your resume or profile perfect; just keep putting yourself out there. At this stage what matters is building up a network and an online presence that will help you down the road.Connecting with industry professionals can significantly help your career. Keep in mind that managing your social media is building your online brand, and by mindful of what you post online. Also, managing a social media account, even your own, can teach important skills like brand-building, calendar management,  and graphic design. 

4.Technical / IT skills

Technical and IT skills are becoming a must for students to learn. As conferences, parties, and other events move online, you’ll need to create ways to build memorable experiences online. Also, the hospitality industry is becoming more data-driven, and it’s important to know how to use different analytical & communications tools.

Additionally, you should practice using Microsoft Office and Google Suite, as these two tools are how most teams share and collaborate information. Of course, practice your email etiquette as well.

5. Build your unique skillset

Explore your interests and plan your career from courses to internships to experiential programs. Getting hands on experience is what will help you land your dream job. At InternMart, we can help you figure out what you excel at, and how you can sharpen your skills for the future. Register now and book a free call with our experts.

InternMart connects you to the career path that suits your interests so you have a fulfilling, challenging career doing work you love. Apply to InternMart and connect with internships that will boost your career.



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