Gender Stereotypes

Seven Unconventional Careers that Break Gender Stereotypes

  • Dec 15, 2021

Gender stereotypes have been prevailing in the employment sector for a long time. Jobs involving more physical stress and laborious mechanical work have been marked as a male bastion, while careers in the teaching, nursing, and beauty industries have been considered the territory of women for years. However, the scenario is changing.

With progressing time, the world seems to merge into a united sphere, and the conventional jobs are finding takers from all genders. We are witnessing an era of unconventional careers, breaking the traditional roots of stereotyping genders within its well-defined realms. 

As the doors are opening, changing, and redefining the societal paradigms, we see different genders getting engaged into careers that are not only challenging but hold onto the theme of equal opportunity, and the sense of freedom that allows one to take up anything that they love. 

Here we will explore the seven unconventional careers that break gender stereotypes!


  1. Defense Forces 

Joining the Defense force was considered to be typically restricted within the male domain. 

But, that has changed!

The world has come a long way since military roles were gender-specific. Today, women officers across the world rub shoulders with their male counterparts.

Women are now seen joining defense forces with equal vigor and determination to serve the nation. They take part in all the physical activities, training, and duties that were categorically assigned to men. They also get promoted to senior positions and enjoy special privileges that every officer is entitled to. 


  1. Styling, Hairdressing, Cosmetology

In recent times, the beauty and fashion industry has started to witness men in job roles of stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists, estheticians, etc. As the industry is gradually evolving, people have started to acknowledge that there is nothing wrong or absurd about a man being interested in fashion and beauty, an area which for ages has been considered to be only for women. Today, a majority of celebrities have men as their stylists. Even local women salons now have male hairdressers. Passions should never have any limitations. If beauty is your passion, go behind it irrespective of it being dominated by women. 


  1. Pilot

Careers in aviation are certainly attracting more and more women, snapping the age-old notions of men being better drivers. We are witnessing many women pilots, flying out towards distant lands, in high altitudes. This domain seems to be one of the most popular choices in terms of careers that break gender stereotypes. The path to a pilot career for a woman is the same as for a man. First, you have to graduate from the academy, and then you have to master specific aircraft control skills. It takes about 2 to 3 years for both. 


  1. Bartender

Until almost a decade ago, this industry was 100% male-dominated. Juggling bottles and mixing the right combination to give you your perfect drink, bartending has been an unusual career choice, even for men. And when a woman opts for it, many eyebrows are raised. But there are some women who shrugged their shoulders and turned their backs to the stereotypes to opt for this unique field. As more and more women are choosing careers as a bartender, it is inevitably becoming an unconventional career path, breaking gender stereotypes. 


  1. Nurse

Nurse and women have a very long association, as the role of a nurse is to be a caregiver. This misunderstood representation takes away the fact that even men can provide care and be sensitive. 

Hence, a career in nursing has typically been a woman’s profession, with a very little percentage of men being a part of it. However, the present is welcoming many men into this profession, bolstering the ratio, and looking forward to a worldview that respects people and their choices.


  1. Cinematography

The world of cinema can be really intriguing if you love to brew different stories and want to see them come to life. Cinematography is a part of the production process which involves the art and technology of motion-picture photography. 

As cinematography involves the handling of hefty equipment, it was seen as a male-dominated sector. However, now we can see women slowly stepping in and proving the common perceptions wrong. 


  1. Classical Dancer

Here is another career that men hesitate to pursue out of the fear of being judged. The concept of a man engaging in graceful moves has always been ridiculed by people. Art, culture, and ecstasy involve an essence of emotions, thus careers in these fields are mostly associated with women. However, if you are passionate about art, cultures, and dance, your gender should never be the reason to take you away from it.

The Way Ahead

Regardless of all of this, there is still work to be done. By imposing stereotypes and enforcing stigma around them, we rob our workplaces of diversity. The truth is, employees are more likely to feel satisfied in a workplace where inclusivity is a priority. The higher the job satisfaction, the higher the motivation. The higher the motivation, the higher the productivity.

While men and women are still being judged based on their career choices, there remains a problem. This problem can only be solved if we start from childhood and the way people raise kids, all the way to their treatment when they apply for a job because gender inclusivity in the workplace benefits all.

To live a fulfilling life, it is important to make decisions that are not influenced by external factors. Have the courage to be yourself and pursue your passion. As more and more people become a part of this belief, the world will soon expand towards careers that are more gender-neutral. 

So, break any stereotype that prevents you from moving ahead with your dreams.

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