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Top Careers to Explore as a Graphic Designer

  • Nov 29, 2021

Graphic design is a great career for creative thinkers who enjoy art, technology, and communication. There are design requirements across every industry, so graphic designers have many opportunities to take on a range of new and exciting projects. It can also be a very fulfilling career, as graphic designers can see the real-world impact of their work.

Graphic designers are artists who design art in print & electronic media, such as magazines, television graphics, logos, and websites. They create visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inform and inspire consumers. 

Also referred to as graphic artists or communication designers, graphic designers combine art and technology to communicate ideas through images and the layout of websites and printed pages. They may use a variety of design elements to achieve artistic or decorative effects.

Frequently, designers specialize in a particular category or type of client. For example, some designers create the graphics used on product packaging, and others may work on the visual designs used on book jackets.

Thus, a degree relating to graphic design can be beneficial for a range of careers. The best job for you depends on your interests, skills, career goals, and values. In this article, we list ten (10) graphic design-related jobs to explore in this field.


Logo Designer

When most people think about graphic design, they immediately associate it with designing logos. 

As logos are a vital aspect of a brand’s identity, meaningful designs help differentiate companies. Logo designers can also work as brand identity designers to create logos, and play with colors and fonts, shapes, and elements, to create beautiful designs. Apart from logos, they can also create designs for business cards, ads, etc.


Marketing & Advertising Designer

Whether appearing online or in print, marketing and advertising designs are key elements of any company’s promotional strategy.

Since the goal of marketing and advertising is to prompt consumers to make a purchase or sign up for a product or service, graphic designers working in these areas need to have a firm understanding of behavioral psychology when it comes to purchasing behavior.


Packaging Designer

Physical products need packaging. Everything from cereal boxes to tags on designer clothing needs to be designed by someone. That’s where packaging designers come in. 

Package designing is diverse and comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes. You have boxes, bottles, bags, jars, cans, wrappers, and whatnot. Package designers are the ones producing designs for packaging products and wrapping them. It’s a highly creative branch and demands a significant level of imagination.


Print and Publication Designer

Traditionally, graphic designers used to work entirely in the print world, and there are still plenty of opportunities for this kind of print design work in 2021.

If you have a high degree of creativity with some knowledge of print media, you can try building a career as a publication designer. These professionals have a natural skill to translate written information into designs that people find easy to understand.


User Experience (UX) Designer

One of the highest-paying graphic design jobs is UX designing. It is perfect for you if you are into graphic designing and have some technical skills in web and mobile development. As a UX designer, you will work on a project to design a website, application, or service, ensuring users can easily open and work with the digital product.


User Interface (UI) Designer

UI design is often considered a subset of UX design and has similar overall goals. UI designers design each screen or page a user interacts with, ensuring that the UI visually communicates the path a UX designer charts. 


Product Developer

Product developers ideate, lead and manage the creation of products. These products can be consumer or industrial goods. They collaborate with manufacturing, marketing, and engineering teams to produce the designs that can be the most feasible and valuable for consumers and businesses.


Photo Editor

Photo editing is a demanding skill these days. They are required in companies selling wide-ranging products like e-commerce stores, social media, clothing brands, and others. A photo editor must have a good sense of aesthetics, colors, lighting, and effects. So, if you love photography, you can consider this career option.


Video Game Designer

If you love video games, you have the option to make a career in it by becoming a video game designer. They are creative thinkers with high imagination and excellent designing skills with a pinch of adventure, sports, or other related video gaming fields.


Graphic designer

If you don’t see yourself specializing in one area, become a graphic designer.

Graphic designers work on everything - they develop graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, websites, and more. This job title can cover a huge range of duties in a huge range of industries.



A career in graphic design can be rewarding if you have a passion for designing and the skills to bring your designs to life. Thus, explore the above-mentioned graphic design jobs and pursue the one you think will be the best based on your interests and skills.

Note that this is not a comprehensive list of what you can do with a Graphic Design degree—only a representation of graphic design degree jobs out there.


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