Select the Right Career

Ways To Help Your Child Select the Right Career

  • Jan 18, 2022


It's a common notion that parents know their child best, perhaps better than anyone else, and they only want what's best for their child.

So, as soon as a child starts his/her education, most parents already start planning their future - their higher education, career choices, etc. 

However, few parents tend to impose their own career choices on their children, and this is where things start to go wrong. 

Today, parents need to be more than just authoritative figures. They essentially need to be their children’s friends, philosophers, and guides apart from providing regular educational guidance. 

We spend many hours each week, year after year, working. 

Work fills a large part of life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. 

Therefore, it is imperative that parents do a good job of guiding and encouraging children in their quest to find and do work they love.

In this article, we explore how parents can help and empower children to select the right career. 


  1. Keep an open mind: Parents view things differently than children, but when you approach a topic with an open mind and a positive attitude, parents can open up a whole new universe for their children to think about. Dreaming as a family encourages children to think beyond themselves and explore result-yielding careers. While choosing a career, look for the changing trends and research the job market to learn about the most unheard-of careers, and make sure you keep your child's caliber and capabilities in mind.


  1. Help your child discover their strengths and passions: You know your child very well, so you can help identify their strengths. Observe them while playing, doing small tasks, watching television, or talking to their friends, and make a note of things your child does the best. 


Through these actions and behaviors, identify under what circumstances they perform to the best of their ability- whether it is working with small or large groups or working alone, working under pressure or without deadlines. All such preferences are cues to possible career choices. 


  1. Conduct an aptitude test: An aptitude is generally the reflection of a child’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses. A specially designed test could make the parents understand their child's interests, thus helping in the career selection process. 


At InternMart, we aim to make sure every child chooses the right career suited for their unique personality. So if you think your child needs career guidance, opt for the free Career Aptitude Test, and we will do the math for you! The test will help figure out your child's personality traits and how they relate to the career pathways you can explore and pursue.


  1. Seek professional guidance: Confusion is normal and there is no shame in seeking help. Take your child to a career counselor to take professional advice. A well-qualified career counselor can brief you about the different major streams and the features associated with them. They've got the tools to identify your core strengths and map various career trajectories.  


You can also seek a positive, encouraging role model for your child. If your child shows a strong interest in a specific career path, help your child find an inspiring mentor in that field. Having a great mentor can fuel your child’s career aspirations.


  1. Scope of career chosen: We all perceive that we are meant for brighter futures, better careers, and successful lives. However, it's important to have a grounding in reality. While choosing a course for higher studies, it's necessary to check the scope of career and job opportunities available because the larger the scope, the better the chance to find a role that might suit your child’s personality.


Remuneration is another aspect that can't be ignored. In today’s era, no one wishes to earn peanuts. Hence, discuss the possible remuneration along with the child’s aspirations and make an informed decision. 


  1. Map out the career path: The final step in helping your child select the right career is mapping out the career path. Research about the best path for your child towards their future career and assist them in following through. Get them prepared for competitive exams, help them narrow down the educational institutions where they can pursue further education, and assist them with the college application process. The most important aspect is to be a friend and a guide to your child throughout the process so they don't feel alone. 


  1. Be patient and encouraging: Remind your child that the quest to do work they love is often a long process of self-discovery and experimenting. They may change course as they navigate their career path. Be patient with your child during these difficult decisions, and encourage them to keep learning more about themselves so they can keep growing into the amazing person they are meant to be. 



Choosing the right career may not be easy but career counseling platforms like InternMart are trying to provide valuable guidance to high school students so they can have a better future. The platform promises to make counseling a comfortable and interactive experience to help students make good progress in their career paths. 

An exclusive career discovery platform, InternMart helps high school students to discover and identify their natural strengths and correlate the same with various career occupations to gain better visibility and focus. Prepare for the same starting from high school to explore and choose the best suitable career options through quizzes, upskilling courses, and real-world experiences through specially curated internships for high school students.

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