Internship in high school

Why should you do an internship in high school

  • Jul 27, 2020
  • InternMart


We usually hear college students do internships prior to graduation to gain first-hand exposure to working in the real world... But why wait till college? Internships for Highshool Students" href="../../search-internships">High school internships provide a real-world career experience that can help you determine whether a career path is right for you. It's something you’ll definitely want to consider! Here are 5 reasons
why should intern in high school:

1. You will get hands-on experience

A high school education will provide you with essential theoretical knowledge but you will rarely have the opportunity to give it a practical application. An internship is a perfect opportunity to learn how the real world of business works. You will get an opportunity to apply what you have learned in class.

2. You will discover what you like and what you don't

A high school internship will give you a real insight into your intended career path and let you understand more about your major and area of interest. There’s no better way to experience your career field than with a hands-on approach. This can also work in the other direction though: After taking an internship in your intended industry, you may find it’s not exactly what you had hoped. It’s better to find out now than later on after you’ve started college

3. You will connect with the right people

There is no better way to generate important professional contacts than being part of an organization. By doing a high school internship you can start building your network of professional contacts early. The right position will help you create connections that can help you through college but may also result in some great positions or careers after you graduate.

4. You will get the experience that universities appreciate

The internship experience will look great on college applications. College recruiters increasingly appreciate young people who have some work experience prior to high school graduation. They like to see you taking initiative, especially in something that has to do with your intended major. It shows you’re ambitious and dedicated. This position could set you apart from the crowd and help you earn an acceptance letter.

5. You can make the transition to full-time employment

Although it is not guaranteed, completing an internship open the door for the company to consider hiring you as an employee in a full-time position that is paid and marks the start of your career, Even if you don’t land a full-time position, you’ll already have work history under your belt. This will help tremendously with your resume, future job interviews, and self-confidence when it comes to working.

Shaping a career path could appear to be a challenge for many. We at InternMart" href="../../">InternMart unlock opportunities for career growth.

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