CardioStart Summer Program

Posted May 14

Internship Description

CardioStart Summer Program



We are an academic-based research and training center housed within a prestigious school at the University of California, Irvine, to foster an interdisciplinary approach towards advancing our understanding of the cardiovascular disease. 

Our Center was established in 2006. The goal was to create an academic focal point for cardiovascular research and training within the dynamic biomedical device sector of Orange County. 

The mission of the Center is to create and foster an environment for innovative basic and translational cardiovascular research and training.

CardioStart Program: Our goal was to create an online platform to expose high school students to the field of tissue engineering

Have you ever wanted to learn more about cells and their applications in research? Do you find yourself asking questions beyond the scope of your classes? What about exploring the impact of COVID-19 on the heart? Would you like to explore the field of tissue engineering?

  • Topics included in CardioStart Program include:
    • Tissue Engineering
    • Cardiovascular System
    • COVID-19 and the Heart
    • Ethics
    • Designing Experiments
    • Statistics
    • Writing and Presenting Scientific Work
    • Laboratory Techniques
    • Post Experimentation
  • Using google classroom, the course consists of:
    • videos on various topics focusing on tissue engineering
    • Short assessments for each video
    • Pre- and post-surveys to gauge learning
    • Office hours held by graduate students
    • Final feedback form to improve course content

Our newly developed online workshops with interactive assessments will enrich students' knowledge of tissue and cardiac engineering. The workshops and assessments will be available 24/7 making this enhanced learning platform convenient for all students. To supplement the workshops, graduate students will be available to answer questions throughout the duration of the program and will be holding weekly office hours via Zoom to facilitate discussion and interaction between students. There is also a possibility of a hands-on laboratory opportunity in the future.

Program Requirements:

  • Please describe why you want to participate in our CardioStart Program (1200-character limit, includes spaces)
  • Please list the top 5 activities, hobbies, or experiences you've had that are the MOST IMPORTANT to you. Please be brief! (For example concert piano, soccer, art, ASG, embroidery, etc.)(150-character limit, includes spaces)
  • Choose your favorite/most important of the above activities and describe what you have gained from this experience. (1200-character limit, includes spaces)

Note: this program does NOT involve any human subject research. 

You will receive a Certificate of Completion from our Institute

Functional Area: Health Research

Industry Type: Health/Research/Cardiovascular Health

Duration: 10 weeks for Summer

Required Skills: Biology with a background in Cell Study, Basic Chemistry, Algebra 2, Statistics, MS Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, attention to detail, reasoning aptitude, ability to engage stakeholders

Desired Skills: market research, data analytics, technical writing

Keywords: Healthcare, Cardiovascular Health, Doctors, BioMedical Engineering


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MS Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, Biology with background in Cell Study, Basic Chemistry, Algebra 2, Statistics - Basic understanding, attention to detail,, reasoning aptitude, ability to engage stakeholders, market research,, data analytics, technical writing, interest in Bio Medical Engineering, Cardiovascular Health, Healthcare

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