Content Curation, Writing, Design, Review, & Testing Intern

Posted June 27

Internship Description

Summer Internship opportunity for middle and high school students 

Our goal is to make practical life skills easily accessible to middle school and high school students as an antidote to the challenges they face on a daily basis. These skills are the foundation for building more resilient schools and communities. Supporting students and the adults they are around, their teachers and parents, can help us support the healthy development of our future leaders, co-workers, neighbors, and engaged members of society. 

Our platform enhances students, teachers, and parents' intellectual, emotional, and social well-being by providing engaging and actionable video and audio content. Students access the content on their own or through activities facilitated by the teacher via Google Classroom or Canvas. The students learn through a process of introspection and reflection. Teachers can also customize the learning experience for individuals or groups of students. This empowers the teachers to support their students in managing the social and emotional challenges they encounter. Both teachers and students can access the entire content library at any time. 

School administrators can view the real-time pulse of the school with aggregate dashboards provided on student usage and feedback. This allows schools to focus their limited resources on programs that can have the maximum benefit for the students. 

The product is being designed with input from several middle schools, high school, and college students as well as therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and researchers. Several students in the Bay Area have actively participated as interns in the design of the our app. It is being deployed in middle and high schools in the Bay Area with very effective results. 

At this time, we are looking for middle & high school students for part-time internships to help with product development, marketing, testing, and evaluation. Each intern will be expected to spend about 4-6 hours per week during summer. With an option to continue during school with the same commitment. The schedule will be flexible, requires meeting attendance (virtual) and students can work remotely as needed. 

The internship will involve the following activities: 

  • Product design, review, and testing 
  • Content creation and curation
  • Other work related to creating and promoting a robust product such as social media promotion

We are looking for students who: 

  • Are well-organized and detail-oriented
  • Have a strong commitment to professional growth 
  • Have a strong individual writing voice and skills
  • Are self-motivated and willing to take on initiatives
  • Reliable - team member/strong collaborator
  • Are Creative, Empathetic, socially aware, value-driven


  • Content Writing & Review 
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Video Creation / Script Writing

Internship Dates: 

July 11 - Sept 1


  • Product design, review, and testing
  • Content creation & curation
  • Other work related to creating a robust product - such as social media promotion

Additional Information

*** We are also looking for Middle School student interns that are interested in the same position ***

Since we are an early-stage startup, things change rapidly and we cannot predict or anticipate exactly what needs to be done. As such, the candidate will need to be very creative and flexible in adjusting to the changing needs. 

Note: This will be an unpaid internship - Officers of the company will be happy to provide references, recommendations, and networking connections as needed.

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