Digital Design Intern [POSITION: FILLED]

Posted August 13

Internship Description

We seek talented Digital Design Intern high school students interested in pursuing a career in digital design, online marketing, or branding.

The candidate will need to be highly motivated, work well under pressure, be open to constructive feedback, and keep up with the fast-paced and rapidly changing social media landscape.

The ideal candidate will have an understanding of and interest in social media and current trends, as well as an eye for crafting a unique aesthetic. An interest in photography, videography, or motion graphics is a plus!


● Design and produce compelling graphics

● Build 2 to 3-minute videos

● Work with Marketing in giving visual life to content pieces

● Understand the latest design trends and implement them

● Implement brand standards and help us find new ways to effectively communicate brand mission and values

This role will be responsible for help in designing the communication/content pieces that will go out to the customers on different platforms like social media, website, brochures and other offline marketing collaterals.

Required Skills: Organization skills, Good communication skills, ease of use of social media and digital marketing, Adobe Creative Suite

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