Project Management Intern for COVID General Relief [POSITION: FILLED]

Posted June 09

Internship Description


We are looking for project management interns who can take care of an individual project within the program to achieve project milestones. Candidates must be able to make decisions based on program guidelines and report their progress to the program manager.


1. Develop project scopes and objectives, ensuring technical feasibility and making sure to involve all relevant stakeholders ? Ensure that projects are delivered on-time and within budget. 

2. Develop a detailed project plan, work with the customer to get approval and baseline and track progress. 

3. Use appropriate verification techniques to manage changes in project scope, schedule and costs. 

4. Measure project performance using appropriate systems, tools and techniques. 

5. Report and raise to internal and customer management as needed. 

6. Manage the relationship with the client and internal stakeholders as needed. 

7. Craft and maintain relationships with third parties/vendors as needed. 

8. Build and maintain comprehensive project documentation. 

9. We should be able to manage multiple customer engagements concurrently. 

10. Work with internal practice managers to get timely resource allocation, as per the project schedule and deliverables completed in accordance with the project baseline.

Expected Outcome:

1. Well documented process and procedure that any volunteer of the organization can use for any of the volunteering projects using standard open-source tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets.

2. Demonstrate this process working on a current project of this organization.

3. Make the process to be compatible and easy to use on mobile as well as a laptop- User Interface-GUI

4. Plan the process to be upgradable for future updates and automation.

Duration: 3 months - expected work 5-7 hrs/week 

Required Skills: MS Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, Attention to Detail, Reasoning Aptitude

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