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Public Health Research Intern: Summer 2020 (Position:FILLED)

Posted June 30

Internship Description

Description: We are an award-winning social venture that creates breakthrough technology to solve persistent problems in health education around the world. Spun out of Stanford University in 2009, this effort has grown into a collaborative consortium of world-class experts from disciplines including education, medicine, communications, technology, and design. For summer 2020, We are seeking four passionate high school interns to join our team. The internship will run for six weeks with an estimated 15 hours of work per week. To help interns gain a deeper understanding of the breadth of work performed at our organization, they will be working closely with us simultaneously on two initiatives including a community-built, expert-curated platform, organizing resources relating to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and CrashCourse. The first initiative is a community-built, expert-curated platform, organizing resources relating to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. There are millions of documents online relating to COVID-19. The purpose of this platform is to be a starting point for research on any topic related to the pandemic, to quickly find high-quality resources. The site is operated by our organization in partnership with the Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health , the Stanford Program on International and Cross Cultural Education , FSI , and the UCSF Institute for Global Health Sciences . Through our initiative called CrashCourse — partnered with other nonprofits such as USA Football, USA Cycling, USA Speedskating among others — we are collecting 500+ personal concussion stories with the goal of destigmatizing the injury and providing people with a resource so they don’t feel alone while dealing with this “invisible” injury. This initiative is called “CrashCourse: Symptoms Story Wall” and will comprise the local aspect of the internship. The purpose of Symptoms Story Wall is to be a starting point for community outreach through social media and contact collection as it pertains to severe physical injuries sustained throughout one's life. Responsibilities: • COVID-19 Specific Initiative: o Collaborate with a college mentor to identify gaps in resources present on the initiative. o Through extensive research, collect high-quality resources to expand our database. o Take part in weekly meetings with a mentor and separately with the entire resource team to discuss progress and gain insight into the overall functioning of the initiative. o Additionally, for any students with prior audio/video editing experience, there is also an opportunity to help contribute towards editing our podcast. • CrashCourse: Symptoms Story Wall o Collaborate with college mentors to aid in gathering personal narratives from those who experienced a concussion or multiple concussions. o Utilize social media to curiate responses to the question of "Have you or someone you know received a concussion" from your own personal networks - family, friends, peers, and greater community. o Connect your concussion participants to our Story Wall team to establish dates and times for interviews. o Take part in weekly meetings with their mentor and the entire Symptoms StoryWall team to discuss their progress and gain insight into the functioning of this project. Expected Outcomes: • COVID-19 Specific Initiative: o Identify key gaps in current resources and collect high-quality resources that will be of direct use to theinitiative’s database world wide o Gain knowledge into the inner workings of an award-winning social venture o Develop a meaningful relationship with your college mentor • Symptoms Story Wall o Directly aid in bringing equitable change to the youth of the United States as our platform will be integrated into high schools across our country. o Gain valuable insight on the inner workings of an award-winning social venture. o Develop a meaningful relationship with your college mentor and greater Story Wall team Application Requirements: a. Resume b. Transcript (unofficial is fine) c. Basic Demographic Questions i. Year in school, gender, race, high school, hometown d. Personal statement (150 word responses to following statements) . At our organization, two of our core values are teamwork and collaboration. Describe a time in which you worked on a team, club, sport, or job towards a shared goal. i. At our organization, we strive to reimagine education of stigmatized topics. Describe an experience that shaped the way that you view education as a tool for improving the world ii. Favorite genre of music and why? e. Description of other time commitments and how much time you would be able to contribute to our organization. Note that we require that our interns be committed for the full 6 weeks of the internship. f. Describe any previous video/audio editing experience (optional) g. One Letter of Recommendation (optional) h. If you pass the initial round of written application, the final round will consist of a 30 Minute interview with a staff member at our organization.

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