Research and Development (Grants) Intern [POSITION: FILLED]

Posted June 29

Internship Description


This is a Bay Area non-profit international theatre organization which brings the best of regional stories to universal audiences and provides a platform for nurturing performing arts talent. We seek to promote diversity and professional growth in local artists through educational programs, thought-provoking events, and onstage representation. We are looking for a Research and Development intern to join our team for the summer. Applicants should have some understanding of grants and experience with R & D type work. Applicants should be organized and committed. Interest in theatre and film welcome!

Research and Development interns will gain valuable hands-on experience and a 360 degree understanding of how to research for and apply for grants in a Performing Arts non-profit organization.

Specific duties include but are not limited to:

1. Research and identify grant opportunities at state level such as: CA - Grants Watch, America for the Arts, Californians for the Arts, CCSESA for the organization.

2. Research and identify grant opportunities at National and International level such as: National Endowment for the Arts, National Grants Watch, International Grants for Arts for the organization.

3. Communication and collaboration with the internal Corporate Grants Team to collect data on such grants.

4. Match them with the organization’s requirements.

5. Design a process for monitoring/tracking grants, capturing key information, supporting dashboard reporting and work with corporate employees for the application

6. Initiate and schedule regular update meetings(via email or secure whatsapp group) with Grants team: to update status of grant proposals, application timeline, identify required Organization information, reach out to respective team members internally to expedite the process.

7. Keeping organized records of previous, current and future grant applications.

8. Ensure timely submission of all required materials.

Expected Outcomes :

1. Well documented process and procedure that any member can use for any of the Grant projects using standard open-source tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets.

2. Make the process to be compatible and easy to use on mobile as well as a laptop.

3. Plan the process to be upgradable for future updates and automation. Evaluation Report and a Certificate of completion to be given at the completion of the internship.

*Duration: 10-12 Weeks (Estimated start date: October 1, 2020)

*Stipend: none *Qualification: High School Student (Incoming 9th - 12th grader)

Required Skills: Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Strong written and verbal communication,

Desired Skills: Strong web-based research and analytical skills, ability to conduct and analyze keywords searches and Background knowledge relating to Corporate Grants

Soft Skills: Organizational skills, strong communication (emails, phone, and social media)

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