Technical Intern - 3D Design and Development (Plastic Printing and Analytics) [POSITION: FILLED]

Posted May 21

Internship Description

Description: We seek a dynamic, self-starter to assist in 3D printing (Plastic) and analytical work with ************ and various company products. This internship is an excellent opportunity to experience various aspects of the technical field that ************ is involved with and learn tools that are used in the industry regarding 3D Development and Data Analytics. This person will work within the guidelines, policies, procedures and mission of ************. Specific duties include but are not limited to: 1.) Work with the technical team in order to assist with 3D Development. 2.) Conducting research into the ************ 3D Development process in order to receive a more comprehensive view of what they will be working with. 3.) Shadowing those who work in the 3D printing room in order to better understand the process. 4.) Research and incorporate new (analytical) tools that could be used in order to make data analysis more efficient and effective for the company. 5.) Implement these new tools along with tools the company was previously using in order to accurately keep track of data. 6.) Keep track of social media analytics to see what is most effective/ reaching the largest amount of people. 7.) Keeping organized records of previous, current and future work done. 8.) Ensure timely submission of all required materials/ updates *Duration: 10 weeks (Starting June 1st week) 20 – 35 Hrs/week *Stipend: non paid Required Skills: Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Strong written and verbal communication. Desired Skills: Basic knowledge of any analytical tool (i.g. Google Analytics), Experience in Usability Testing/ Communication with customers, Basic knowledge of the 3D printing hardware and software. Soft Skills: Organizational skills, strong communication.

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