Volunteer Management Intern [POSITION: FILLED]

Posted June 09

Internship Description


We seek an intern to assist with the volunteer program management. Tasks may include recruitment, training, database management, evaluation tools, and research of volunteer trends and new directions in volunteer engagement in order to aid the organization in its mission.


1. Research, develop and maintain lists of potential volunteer groups and individuals. 

2. Help manage volunteer outreach using social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Idealist.org, Instagram and VolunteerMatch.com. 

3. Seek out community events and speaking engagements in order to recruit more volunteers. 

4. Respond to volunteer inquiries providing information about the organization and matching to specific volunteer roles. 

5. Schedule groups and individuals for build days and related events 

6. Provide scheduled volunteers with the necessary documentation in a timely manner. This may include waivers, directional maps, volunteer FAQs, and other necessary documents. 

7. Conduct onsite construction volunteer orientation at least once a week either Friday or Saturday morning. 

8. Assist with data entry and ensure data quality of volunteer statistics. 

9. Plan and facilitate Volunteer Committee meetings including distributing agenda and taking minutes. 

10. Create a database of volunteers to be automatically updated when a new volunteer sign sup for the event sign-in portal.

Expected Outcome:

1. Well documented process and procedure that any volunteer at the organization can use for any of the volunteering projects using standard open-source tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets.

2. Demonstrate this process working on a current project at the organization.

3. Make the process to be compatible and easy to use on mobile as well as a laptop user Interface-GUI

4. Plan the process to be upgradable for future updates and automation

5. Update and create one consolidated database with all existing volunteers for future use.

Benefits :

- Professional work environment

- Opportunity to serve the community

- Hands-on opportunity to learn the inner workings of a dynamic and large volunteer program 

- Affiliation with a respected and international organization 

- Documentation of service, letters of reference

Duration: 3 months - expected work 5-7 hrs per week.

Required Skills: MS Excel, PowerPoint, Desired Skills: DB management skills

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