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3 ways you can stay ahead in the race for the summer internship

  • Jun 18, 2021

The right internships can dramatically change the course of one's chosen career path. Especially during the aspirational race to land the perfect internship program during summer.

There was a time when the idea of doing an internship thrived on gaining experience. Working closely with the 'Marketing' head or to voice one's opinion in teams was the kind of signature experience that many looked for.

With constant changes in the workforce and the way we work, internships have been redefined on various levels. While no one wants to join a boring internship program, several firms have customized the internships. They have also revealed some unexpected growth trends because of these digitally savvy interns.

Being an intern to names like - Google, Amazon, McKinsey, and Instagram might be your goal. But the need to reach that certain target is to explore all the other possible options until that one door opens.

Meanwhile, the firms are waiting to hire young talent in the wake of the pandemic. The crisis has amplified the need for some fresh technology-driven solutions to keep the business running.

Doing internships to explore skills other than your interest has its own long-term benefits. And of the kind that is likely to help you decide your majors well in college.

The upshots? Many. The downside? The process of applying and how to land an internship.

Eager to stay ahead in the hunt for the summer internship. Here are 3 ways that'll help you stay ahead of the curve:

  1.     Where to look
  •   Visit job sites and use school career resources

Knowing where to look for the internships that will be the right fit for you is a great place to start. There are several websites like - indeed that have millions of internship opportunities listed on their page. This is where you can search for internship titles that you wish to apply for. Further, you can narrow down the search by industry, location, and company ratings.

Almost all schools have a career guide or a dedicated partner firm that allows students to find open internship positions for summer. Along with this, the occasional internship or career fairs can also be of great value.

  •   Scroll through the social media profiles to DM or send emails

Glassdoor published an article stating - 7 ways you'll fail to land an internship. But unlike those, this is another great strategy that will actually help you land a summer internship. Look up the profiles of the companies that you are interested in and reach out to them. Sending a DM should not be your only reliable source. But you never know what a simple reply can lead to. In case you don't find a relevant internship at a firm that you like, you can always write a letter of intent for a position in the future.


  1.     Ace the resume and cover letter

A resume is a real deal. Typically, it will contain your general information like name, contact, education, skills, and professional or extra work experience. Whereas the cover letters are meant to convince the person reading that you are exceptionally suited for the job.

Hence you must avoid reiterating the previously mentioned qualifications on the resume. Many tend to neglect this part of the application, even though it is almost always a good idea. This not only helps in persuading the employer to hire you but also emphasizes your passion.


  1. Be an early applicant

The early bird catches the worm. Perhaps, we should rephrase it - An early applicant has a better chance of landing an internship. Here are a few ways to consider before applying for an internship:

  • Think about your major: Are you willing to explore subjects like that in high school or something altogether different.
  • Identify your skills: Skills that you have gained through participating in various organizations or clubs in school. A quick sneak-peak and research will reveal a set of job titles that require these skill sets.
  • Build on your interest: If you know what you are interested in, then you can apply in those areas to be certain of your chosen career path.

Even as the firms begin to put more effort into hiring young talent, we can expect to see more students coming out as professionals on the other end of the tunnel. Virtual internships, curated summer internship programs, and online networking are all here to stay.

Indeed, doing a summer internship program is one of the best ways to grow networks in the corporate world with like-minded people. However, having a meaningful experience is what makes any internship worth sharing on the resume.

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