5 Reasons why you should start a career in hospitality and tourism industry

  • Jan 14, 2021

The hospitality and tourism industry is full of opportunity for anyone looking to start or change their career path. It's a fast-paced field that is sure to challenge you creatively. Hospitality and tourism are service-oriented, and will teach you the fundamentals of how businesses work. 

For starters, this dynamic and exciting industry has perks that include occasionally meeting celebrities, traveling the world, and trying exquisite food!.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a career in hospitality & tourism. 

1. Many opportunities to explore& learn about various careers

Careers in hospitality and tourism require similar skills & a general enthusiasm for working with others. Thus, you may find it’s easier to explore and change jobs within the industry. Be sure to move around and pick up various skills within the three sectors of hospitality & tourism.

2. Encountering a wide variety of people

As this industry is very people-oriented, you'll meet new people—both coworkers and customers--everyday from all walks of life.

You will be working with creative and outgoing professionals on every project, and making connections within your job can help with your own career growth as well.

3. Every day is new

This industry provides a lot of thrill & opportunity to solve new challenges. It requires a can-do attitude, and even improvisational skills. Indeed, no two days are the same. From improvising aplanned event to responding to a customer's need,this career will make good use of your creativity and problem solving capabilities.

4. Additional benefits

As a working professional in hospitality and tourism, you're likely to receive some special benefits. For example, people who work in restaurants sometimes receive free or discounted food.

Some jobs also offer free memberships, tickets, and even recreational activities.

Hospitality & tourism is also in the top 10 happiest industries, according to Entrepreneur magazine. It ranks well in job satisfaction, and you may find you really enjoy your projects and the people around you at work.

5. Lower risk of automation

With ever-evolving technologies like artificial intelligence and automation, many jobs run the risk of being automated. Even housekeeping and maintenance jobs have been replaced by robots in countries like Japan. However, there are still many jobs that may not be fully automated. And hospitality & tourism has quite a few.

For instance, would you rather see a person greeting you or a machine speaking to you when you walk into a hotel? The hospitality industry is built on human interaction and a culture of service, and that’s why experts say it can only partly be automated.

Conclusion: -

Now you know the key reasons to start a career in hospitality and tourism, namely:

a. Opportunities to grow

b. Interacting with new people of different cultures and backgrounds

c. Variety in each and every day

d. Exciting benefits

e. Comparatively lower risk of automation in the future

This field will bring a vibrant, creative, and fulfilling career  centered on meeting and interacting with people from all walks of life.

Read about the different types of jobs this industry has to offer & how to start planning so you can start taking the steps that make a successful career in this industry.






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