5 Recession Proof Jobs

  • Oct 02, 2020

Although there are risks that come with every career,  it says a lot about a job if economists are planning that the positions associated with the career will remain stable in a recession. Ever since the pandemic started, many jobs have shown a decrease in hiring and retention rates. This is forcing people to rethink their career paths as they want to ensure they choose a job that will not be negatively affected by the turbulent economy. 

There aren’t any jobs that are 100% recession-proof. However, some jobs have grown to be more in-demand since the COVID-19 virus struck the world. We expect these 5 careers and to stay in-demand in any situation, including a pandemic such as this one.

1. Health Care 

Any job related to the medical field is mostly stable and trending. Everyone will need doctors, medical consultants, nurses, and paramedics in a variety of situations With the impact of the current pandemic, this need has increased. Even if the global economy is suffering, those in the medical field do not face a significant negative impact.      

In a situation like a global pandemic, there is a tremendous demand for medical professionals. Telemedicine and telehealth are jobs that are trending in the medical field given the current situation.

The medical field is one of the most trending career clusters as compared to others and professionals do not see this need decreasing in the recent future. As this field is competitive and requires a large number of skills and education, it is important to start early when planning on pursuing a career in health care.      

2. Mental healthcare  

Similarly to the core medical field, people also need mental healthcare providers. In a time like a pandemic or recession, we have seen a surge in people reporting they have mental health issues such as anxiety or panic attacks. As providing mental health is necessary, this is a subfield in medicine that is not expected to go into stagnation.

Psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors are some careers that will show high demand in this subfield. As going to see a doctor is a risk during the pandemic, many professionals in this field will schedule therapy with their patients over video call. 

In conclusion, if you’re considering a career in the medical field, a surgeon or physician is not the only option to go for. There are many diversified streams related to well-being and fitness that you can explore.

3. Education

While colleges and schools are attempting to restructure how they format their learning processes, we can assume one thing, teachers and other educational staff will always be needed. In a pandemic like COVID-19 where social distancing is a must, many affected educational institutes are closed for in-classroom teaching and are attempting to figure out how to effectively navigate virtually    

From grade school kids to graduate students, everyone is relying on online applications and tools to continue their education. A majority of teachers are continuing with their jobs.

This pandemic will open up new career streams in the teaching and education sector including positions such as an online curriculum designer, online teaching trainer, online technology staff, etc.

Apart from schools and colleges, online course portals have also seen an increase in traffic during the pandemic. You can learn new skills while you stay at home. Learn business, leadership, communication skills, and tools like MS office that will help you get an edge if you are interested in a teaching career.

Teachers and mentors will always be required and greatly appreciated.

4. Information Technology

IT and Computer Science (CS) jobs are mostly recession-proof as businesses are always looking to make technological advancements. The current pandemic has increased the demand for all types of online systems. This has allowed businesses to continue to innovate while allowing their workers to work safely from home. Many tech corporations were among the first to decide on work-from-home strategies during the pandemic. 

While a few jobs in CS and IT may see a decrease including networking and hardware support, there are still many technical jobs that are very important for building a strong economy.

Read more about careers in the technical field in our blog

5. Accounting and financial services  

Finance is, in a majority of cases, the biggest priority for organizations irrespective of the situation of the world. Accountants and other financial service providers are needed by every business and individual. Whether that is tax management, billing, accounting, or bank jobs, financial roles are important in all sectors. 

The current pandemic and economic slowdown have hit the corporates very badly and as a result, skilled finance consultants, economists, and accountants will be in demand.  

In a recession, the most secure jobs are the ones that are needed to keep the public health in check, satisfy people’s basic needs, and help them to manage their daily course of life. The jobs listed above were all extremely important before the pandemic and will continue to be in the future. Look into these careers for options that we believe will not be negatively impacted by the current health crisis.

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