Things You Need for Your Internship

5 Things You Need for Your Internship

Whether you're a new grad or are still working toward your degree, internships are great opportunities to get your foot in the door. Internships are invaluable experiences that can help you develop skills in a relevant field, create a network of business contacts, potentially earn some money for your work, and build up your resume. If you've just landed your first internship opportunity, you may be anxious and nervous wondering what you should bring along. To help you make a good impression despite the first-day nerves, we have compiled a list of seven things that the most successful interns bring to work every day.

1: Required Documents

Enquire with the employer if you need to carry a hard copy of any document - it might be your CV or your ID cards. If transcripts and reference letters are required, be sure to allow ample time to get these documents together. Make sure that the documents are error-free and grammatically correct.

2: Planner/ Notebook

During your internship, you'll need a safe place to keep all of your notes and reminders. Having a planner that meets your specific needs is important if you want to stay organized and on time. Look for one that has both monthly and weekly spreads. You can put general reminders and events on the monthly pages while writing down other assignments on the weekly pages. Always have a small notebook on hand to take notes during meetings with your supervisor and to write down any upcoming events or commitments.

3: Pens and Other Stationery

If you're planning to carry a notebook, pens are the quintessential pairing. Always carry extra pens with you to constantly take notes. You may choose multi-colored pens or pencils too. We recommend that you buy a stack of post-it notes. They are nice to use for marking documents or making to-do lists that you can satisfyingly throw away at the end of the day.

4: Water Bottle and Snacks

While you're in the office, you'll want to stay hydrated to stay on top of your game. Instead of using plastic water bottles, consider investing in a reusable one. It's good for the environment, and you'll have something stylish to keep your H2O in. Further, it is easy to get caught up in your work, so make sure to have a few quick and easy snacks you can eat on the go. 

5: Laptop

If you are interning for a role that involves the use of devices such as a laptop/ tablet, it's safe to carry one of your own. If you can’t afford to buy a new laptop, you may be able to find a used one for a reasonable price. You can also check with your supervisor before your first day on the job if the company provides laptops to its interns.

What is an Internship?

An internship is a short-term job that allows the worker, or intern, to gain introductory experience in a certain profession. As an intern, you will work for a company or organization and gain the hands-on and practical experience you can use for future jobs.

Internships can last from a couple of weeks to a year or even more, can occur at just about any time of year, and maybe paid or unpaid.

What do interns do?

The duties and responsibilities of an intern depend a lot on where they work.

Typically, you will spend your internship doing work similar to that of an entry-level employee at the organization. You may also do work related to several jobs to learn more about different career paths. During your internship, you may work with employees, customers, other interns, on your own, or a combination of these. Typically, you will have a supervisor who will act as your boss, assign you to work, and make sure you feel comfortable at your internship.

Benefits of an Internship  

Internships can be an extremely beneficial experience for high school students. You’ll gain real-world work experience that boosts your confidence and helps you make a more informed choice about your college major and future career.

There are multiple reasons to pursue an internship in high school.

  1. Gain experience and skills

One of the most important benefits of doing an internship is that you’ll gain skills and experience that you can use for future jobs and classes. Completing an internship that relates to a job you may want to have will help you get relevant work experience and a better chance of getting a full-time job in that field in the future.

  1. Learn about different careers

Doing an internship is a great, low-risk way to learn about different jobs because they provide hands-on experience and the opportunity to observe many aspects of a career. It's much better to figure out whether you'd like a particular job during a high school internship rather than waiting until you've finished college and started working to discover that the jobs you spent four years and thousands of dollars preparing for aren't a good fit for you. 

  1. Strengthen your resume and college application

Internships are great experiences to include in job and college applications. Completing an internship, especially as a high school student, shows that you are a hard worker, motivated, and interested in learning new things. These are all qualities that employers and schools like to see in applicants.

  1. A potential way to earn money

If you’ve landed a paid internship, you also have the benefit of earning a paycheck, which I’m sure you know is a significant benefit and can help you put money away for college. 

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