Career Options for People Interested in Technology

  • Oct 02, 2020


An influx of new technologies and rapid digitization across the country has changed the way we work forever. This transition towards computers and automation has opened up many new job opportunities. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the computer and IT sector will grow by almost 12?tween 2018 and 2028. This is mainly due to recent developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other related fields.    

Read on to discover what skills and careers are available for those interested in computer science and technology.

What Are the Skills Required For Career In Computer Science?    

Although the skill requirements differ according to the specific job, there are many that are useful & necessary throughout the industry, including analytical skills, adaptability, and basic programming knowledge.          

Analytical Skills

Computer engineers need to be able to analyze a problem, come up with practical solutions, and make quick informed decisions about the best alternative. Being able to structure your thinking in this way is critically important, as is being data-literate.           

Tip: Taking InternMart’s data analysis quiz will give you a good understanding of how well you can interpret data.


Because the industry is in constant flux, with frequent innovations and developments, one must be able to quickly adapt to these changing environments. This means staying up-to-date on the latest trends and getting comfortable using a wide variety of products.                               

Programming Knowledge

Lastly, you need to be proficient in the relevant programming languages & systems. In-demand programming languages include Python, Java, C++, and SQL. You can self-study these by taking online courses or reading textbooks, or learn them in school if offered. 

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Careers Options Include:      

i) Software Developer: One of the most in-demand jobs in the computer field is that of a software developer. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that employment for software developers will increase by 22?tween 2019 to 2029. They are responsible for creating new software applications and systems to be used by other developers. A bachelor's in computer science and confidence in different programming languages are both helpful if you want to pursue this career.      

ii) Web Developer: Web developers are responsible for building and maintaining the websites we visit each day. They need to be able to understand and deliver on the customers’ needs. Also, web developers work to optimize the user experience by ensuring the site is intuitive & has a fast loading speed. Some common programming languages used in this career are HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

iii) Computer Hardware Engineer: Hardware engineers design & develop hardware, or physical components including circuit boards, servers, and keyboards.

Tip: This role requires a significant amount of technical knowledge, so a degree in computer engineering or electrical engineering is highly valued.

iv) Network Architect: The role of network architects is to develop & maintain communication networks. With companies having offices in different regions, states, or even countries, it becomes mandatory to have a good network in place. This is where network architects help. Apart from maintaining the network systems, they also advise businesses regarding updates and best network requirements as per their needs.

v) Information Security Analyst: This one is an interesting career path for people who have strong problem-solving skills. This role involves protecting the company's sensitive and private information from cyberattacks. They search for flaws in the security system and take preventive measures to avoid data theft. The information security analyst job market expected to grow by a huge 32?tween 2019 to 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

vi) Data Analyst: Data analysis is an increasingly important skill in today’s data-driven world. In fact, practically every industry requires a data analyst. The day-to-day role of a data analyst involves gathering and interpreting the data to draw helpful conclusions. They interpret the data on different aspects and then help in making better decisions for the company. A bachelor's in either mathematics, statistics, or computer science is beneficial for this career. Sound knowledge of Excel is also mandatory.    

Tip: Be sure to check our MS Excel and Data Analysis quiz at InternMart to gauge how to fit you are for this career path.

vii) Artificial Intelligence: With rapid developments in technology, artificial intelligence is seeing huge demand. AI is already present in many aspects of our lives like online shopping, video games, and education.

In simple words, AI is one way of equipping computers with human-like knowledge and behavior. One big and common example of AI is Alexa from Amazon. To develop AI programs, a strong knowledge of programming languages is needed. Taking up computer science in college is a good start.

Tip: To begin with, try our programming language quiz at InternMart to see where you stand.

There's no doubt a career in computer sciences will expand in the years to come. It is a lucrative career path with high salaries. If you are interested in this career path, why not start today?

Hands-on experience is one of the best ways to give yourself a leg up while also exploring different fields that may be of interest. At InternMart, we aim to connect students with internships of their choice so that they can gain practical knowledge at a young age. Sign up on InternMart and apply to your dream computer science internships today!

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