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  • Sep 10, 2020
  • InternMart Team


Irrespective of the industry, management roles have always been in huge demand. In fact, these roles can give you more flexibility in choosing an industry than any other due to the widespread need for management in the majority of companies. Managers are often the highest-paid employees. A career in management boasts of many promising opportunities, so let's discover this field more.

Skills & Education Required:

While management roles can be obtained with seniority in many companies, this position usually requires a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Many MBA programs allow you to specialize in an area of your choice such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, etc. Another thing which helps a lot in obtaining a management role is technical expertise. One can show this through certificates, courses, projects, or past experiences.

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Since the managerial levels are usually top-level positions in the company, some specific skills are required. They are as follows:

1. Strong team management skills

2. Good leadership abilities

3. Quick decision-making abilities

4. Great communication skills

5. Sharp analytical skills and attention to detail

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Let's go through the work profiles and different roles of a manager:

i) Project Managers: A company often has many on-going projects related to their work. That's where project managers play their role. They head the team working on the project and ensure that the work gets completed within the given deadline and budget. They supervise the team, correct any errors, and see that the targets are reached.

ii) General Managers: As the name suggests, general managers are involved in the general management of the company. Some examples include managing the teams, ensuring customer satisfaction, maximizing sales, developing strategies, etc. Though these things might look very basic, general managers are the people behind the smooth running of the company.

iii) Financial Managers: The job of a financial manager involves dealing with numbers and making sure all finances are in check. Specifically, they are in charge of analyzing the data, making strategies to increase the profits, etc. In short, they help in making financial decisions for the company. If you are interested in this career, solid analytical and mathematical skills are essential.

iv) Marketing Managers: Ever wondered what goes behind successful ad campaigns of different products? A team headed by a marketing manager is your answer. Marketing managers are responsible for identifying their markets, the target audience, improving the products, and identifying ways to promote them. The role involves a great deal of creativity, communication, and analytical skills.

v) Human Resource Manager: Whenever you face an interview for an internship or job, chances are, an HR Manager will be the one to conduct it. They look over the hiring process, employee wellbeing, staff motivation, and staff training. They are often considered as the link between the managers and the rest of the employees in the company.

Management is an essential and fruitful career path. It is a great idea to explore this field as much as you can while in high school to make an informed decision about your career. Internships are a great way to explore your interests and discover your choices. As a bonus, you can make your resume stand out with the work experience/certification that comes with an internship!       

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Preparation at High School

Requirements for a bachelor's in management can vary from college to college. Some require practical work experience while some may state particular classes as a prerequisite.

Nevertheless, you can start preparing for a career in management while in high school. This preparation begins with the proper analytical mindset.

You can take classes that allow you to think practically and logically such as math and science to develop this type of mindset.

Problem-solving is an important skill no matter which business specialization you are going for. Learning how to code to solve problems can be a great way of navigating different solutions to build these skills.

Communication-based classes are also important because they will hone your verbal and non-verbal communication skills and can teach you how to build a healthy network.

Participating in community work or interning for local start-ups are also great experiences to not only help with college admissions but teach you valuable applications to the skills you have been learning in school.

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